Since 1972, Westward has been manufacturing equipment, parts and accessories for vehicle maintenance, HVACs & refrigeration, safety operations and plumbing & hardware industries. Headquartered in Illinois, USA, the brand manufactures sockets & bits, hand saws, screwdrivers, clamps, grommets and more. Read More


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Measuring and Layout ToolsView all

  • Angle Pitch and Slope Locators

    Westward angle pitch and slope locators are ideal for measuring angles in electrical, carpentry, plumbing and HVAC applications. These angle locators are available in various types - variants showing 0 to 90 degrees in four / five / two quadrants.

  • Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels

    Westward box, I-beam and torpedo levels are used to make sure workpieces are aligned straight in electrical installations and carpentry & plumbing applications. These torpedo levels are employed in restricted spaces.

  • Combination Square Sets and Components

    Westward combination square sets and components are used to make sure projects are straight and square, with angles being properly set at 45 or 90 degrees. These sets and components comprise a ruler, protector head, square head and centre head.

  • Depth Micrometers

    Westward depth micrometers are used for measuring the depths of slots, holes, projections and shoulders. These micrometres are provided with ring-type knurled lock nuts to ensure rapid and safe locking.

  • Dial Calipers

    Westward dial calipers or slide calipers are engineered with a graduated scale and dial indicator for measuring both inside and outside dimensions of an object, as well as the depth of a hole. These units employ a rack and pinion mechanism to transfer linear movement of the jaws to rotary motion of the dial indicator.

  • Dial Indicators

    Dial indicators are used to align workpieces in lathe & milling machines, and surface grinders. These dial indicators are also used for checking the runout of the spindle in a machine.

  • Digital Calipers

    Westward digital calipers (also called electronic digital calipers) are battery operated precision instruments, designed to measure accurate internal and external distances. These calipers have a slim & streamlined profile for comfort and an LCD digital readout for precise measurements.

  • Distance Meters

    Westward distance meters employ a laser to calculate the distance between two objects. These distance meters are equipped with an easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen to display clear measurements and laser technology to deliver a high degree of accuracy.

  • Electronic Digital Indicators

    Westward electronic digital indicators are used to record data in process control applications, which is readily transferable to PC while diminishing chances of parallax errors. They are driven by a 3V lithium ion battery and equipped with a 360-degree rotating bezel that can work in both negative and positive directions.

  • Feeler Gauge Sets
  • Gage Blocks/Clamps Surveillance Masters

    Westward gage blocks / clamps are manufactured for producing the desired length in mechanical applications. These gage blocks feature metallic or ceramic bodies that offer accurate measurement and correct calibration.

  • Height Gauges

    Used to determine and set height, step dimensions or vertical distance, and mark out workpieces. Feature a large, easy-to-read LCD screen to display the results with up to +/-0.002% accuracy. Additional functions include zero set facility & inch / metric conversion with automatic On / Off operations

  • Hole Drill Bore and Wire Gauges

    Used for quickly measuring the internal and external dimensions of an object with high accuracy. Feature chrome-plated / hardened steel construction to withstand harsh industrial environment and impact loads. Available in graduations ranging between 0.0005 and 0.00005 inches

  • Indicator Holders Bases and Stands

    Designed to stabilise dial and electric indicators to eliminate machine errors for precise measurement. Deliver a maximum magnetic force of 85 lbf for preventing damages to the indicators and probes due to accidental base fall-over. Available in satin chrome and blue finish variants

  • Inside Micrometers

    Used to measure the inside diameter of holes, tubes and pipes, as well as groove sizes in O-rings & washers. Feature a lock nut to provide positive locking of spindles and hardened steel tips to prevent damage. Also come in a set comprising rods, adjustment wrenches and a storage case

  • Magnifiers
  • Measuring Tapes

    Ideal for use in construction, engineering, architectural and other industrial measuring applications. Feature an ABS plastic housing for use in corrosive environments and in areas with electrical hazards. Models available with carbon steel, fibreglass, nylon-clad steel and steel blades

  • Measuring Wheels

    Used for road marking, paving, fencing and traffic control operations, as well as in construction sites to measure large distances, boundaries or areas. Come with a molded ABS or aluminium frame with a handling rod to make precise 2- or 4-inch wide lines

  • Micrometer Sets
  • Micrometers
  • Precision Measuring Tool Kits
  • Precision Steel Squares
  • Protractors
  • Rules and Straight Edges
  • Scribers and Probes
  • Spring Calipers and Dividers
  • Squares Bevels and Stair Gauges
  • Telescoping Gage Sets
  • Vernier Calipers

WrenchesView all

  • Adjustable Wrench Sets

    Westward adjustable wrench sets are manufactured for accommodating fasteners or bolts of various sizes. These adjustable wrenches feature a broad capacity jaw with a knurl adjusting mechanism for comfortable, quick and accurate jaw adjustments according to the size of the bolt head.

  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Westward adjustable wrenches are engineered to replace multiple fixed size wrenches with one wrench. These wrenches have a broad, adjustable jaw to fit with different sized bolts & fasteners with the help of a knurl adjusting mechanism, for accurate & tight jaw adjustments.

  • Box End Wrench Sets

    Westward wrench sets feature wrenches having an enclosed head end to fit around and grip the entire head of the fastener, thereby offering superior torque and contact area as compared to an open end wrench. These box end wrench sets come with double end wrenches having a varied SAE (inch) and metric sized head on each end, suitable for use on two varied sized fasteners.

  • Box End Wrenches

    Westward box end wrenches are suitable for the installation and elimination of bolts, fittings and nuts in production, automotive & mining applications. These wrenches have an enclosed head on each end of the handle to offer greater contact to the fastener and permit more torque than an open end wrench.

  • Chain Wrenches and Tongs

    Westward chain wrenches and tongs come with an extra long handle to secure an object and offer leverage in turning huge items. They feature a double end jaw design to permit turning in either direction without removing the tool from the housing assembly, whereas single end wrenches only work in one direction.

  • Combination Wrench Sets

    Westward combination wrenches feature a closed and an open end to detach or tighten nuts, bolts & other fasteners. These SAE and metric combination wrench sets feature a 12 pt box end with extra grooves that make them easy to attach using the head of the fastener.

  • Combination Wrenches

    Westward combination wrenches are manufactured with an open and a closed end; the latter loosens the stubborn nuts so that the open end can be used to quickly unscrew them. They are ideal for quick loosening and unscrewing of nuts and are available in high strength stainless steel / alloy steel / chrome vanadium / chrome vanadium steel variants.

  • Electronic Torque Wrenches

    Westward electronic torque wrenches, also known as digital torque wrenches, are designed to provide precise torque reading by measuring turning force electronically to avoid overtightening of fasteners. These wrenches are most commonly used to apply consistent torque on assembled products for safety and quality control.

  • Flare Nut Wrench Sets

    Westward flare nut wrenches are open ended wrenches used in machine work and plumbing applications, for attaching & removing hexagonal nuts and fittings (also referred to as flare fittings). They feature a 6 pt design that permits more contact with the fastener's sides than the 12 pt style and avoids rounding of the fastener's corners.

  • Flare Nut Wrenches

    Westward flare nut wrenches are used for working with hexagonal nuts and bolts in automotive servicing, metalworking, fire & safety, and mining applications. These wrenches feature an open end design for avoiding obstructions between the nut & the wrench.

  • Hex and Torx Key Sets
  • Hex/Torx Keys
  • Interchangeable Torque Wrench Heads
  • Micrometer Torque Wrenches
  • Open End Wrench Sets
  • Open End Wrenches
  • Pipe Wrenches
  • Ratcheting Wrench Sets
  • Ratcheting Wrenches

    Designed to provide quick tightening and loosening of nuts in tight spaces. Are faster than conventional wrenches and commonly used in automobile and construction industries

  • Service/Pump Wrenches

About Westward

The brand's extensive catalogue includes long nose and needle nose pliers, adjustable wrenches, pipe and tubing cutters, micrometers and more. Westward wrenches are manufactured in accordance with ASME standards and are suitable for tightening & removing nuts, bolts and fasteners in HVAC equipment. Their alloy steel construction imparts structural rigidity to prevent bending / breaking under harsh usage. These wrenches feature an adjustable screw at the bottom of the jaw head for tightly holding & releasing fasteners of diverse sizes without requiring specialised installation tools. Westward wrench sets offer an assortment of wrenches having multiple jaw capacities & lengths to fit a greater range of fasteners.
Westward insulated linesman pliers are ideal for cutting, straightening & bending wires and twisting & splicing cables in electrical operations. Tongue-and-groove pliers have a wide jaw range to grip & turn pipes, fittings and fasteners. Speciality pliers feature dedicated attachment or construction for performing specific gripping or cutting tasks like wire twisting, hole punching and fencing that would not have been possible using standard pliers. Raptor Supplies also offers assorted sets of pliers for use in a variety of applications.
Westward precision tools like micrometers & distance meters are suitable for measuring the dimensions of workpieces & their parts. Westward micrometers feature a water-resistant LCD screen for displaying the precise component measurements during machining processes.
Choose from a wide range of products from Westward like sockets & bits, cutting tools, impact sockets, screwdrivers, hammers, clamps, hand saws, grommets and more.

Things to Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Westward wrenches cross individual references to the equivalent C.H. Hanson, Klein Tools and SK Professional Tools model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor tool that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Westward tool available.

Major Trade Names

Bi-Metal Matrix II

Bi-Metal Matrix II blades feature a high-speed matrix cutting edge that can be securely bonded to a low alloy shock-resistant base. These blades can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees F and ...Read more 


ThreadMate is a mechanical hand tool for repairing and restoring damaged external threads. This handy tool is used in automotive maintenance, bicycle fixes, pipe threading and lawnmower repairs. Threa...Read more 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company owns Westward?

Westward, an MRO (maintenance, repair & operation) company is a private label owned by Grainger based in North America.

Does Westward provide tools for grinding metal pieces?

Yes, Westward manufactures bench grinders for shaping, grinding and sharpening metal tools, tips, sheets and pieces in refurbishing, manufacturing and maintenance applications. Raptor Supplies also delivers pneumatic-blast-cabinets for removing rust & old paint stains from a workpiece and deburring blades for eliminating burrs from the raw edges of tools & holes of a product.

How can users select suitable Westward bottle jacks for their needs?

Westward bottle jacks feature pumps in different designs, such as side pumps, low profile pumps & inline pumps. While selecting a Westward bottle jack, the users should first note the maximum lifting capacity of the bottle jacks and then match it with their application requirements. Next comes the stroke length of the plunger and the minimum & maximum lifting height of the selected bottle jack. Customers should also pay attention to the power source needed for operating these bottle jacks. Then, they can decide on the design & placement of the pumps for operating easily in their respective locations.

What safety instructions should be followed by operators while using Westward tools?

Users/operators should wear safety glasses/face shields/goggles to protect their face or eyes for preventing injuries due to flying particles. They should also have gloves, aprons, safety shoes and breathing & hearing protection to prevent noise & accidental dropping of tools.

What standards / certifications do Westward tools abide by?

Westward tools can be UL, GS & CE listed or ETL & CSA certified while adhering to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards.

Which Westward storage product is suitable for organising tools in large workspaces?

If you are having difficulty organising tools in your manufacturing plant or warehouse, you can use Westward compartment cabinets to keep them all in one place.

How do I operate Westward electronic torque wrenches?

  • Insert the appropriate socket attachment.
  • Set your desired torque value using the wrench's digital display.
  • Apply the wrench to the fastener.
  • Slowly apply force until you feel a click or hear a beep, indicating the desired torque has been reached.
  • Release the wrench from the fastener.

What factors should I consider before choosing Westward wrenches?

  • Choose the specific type of wrench needed.
  • Consider the required size range for your applications.
  • Check the material and build quality for long-lasting use.
  • Research Westward's reputation for quality tools.
  • Set a budget that matches your needs and preferences.
  • Review available warranty options for added assurance.

How do I clean and maintain Westward wrenches?

  • Wipe the wrenches clean after use to remove dirt and debris.
  • Apply a light coat of lubricant to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.
  • Store the wrenches in a dry place, ideally on a tool rack, to prevent damage.
  • Periodically check for wear, damage, or rust and address issues promptly.
  • Use the wrenches only for their intended purpose to prolong their lifespan.