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Milwaukee manufactures heavy-duty power and hand tools for professionals working in the electrical, mechanical, HVAC, MRO and remodelling industries. It offers high-quality lighting products, storage solutions, work gears, instruments and kits. Read More


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Power Tools Filter

Drilling AccessoriesView all

  • Annular Cutter Sets

    Used for creating grooves on the peripheries of tubes or pipes. Feature dual alternating tooth geometry to cut more aggressively & boost chip ejection and thinner wall construction for less displacement of material. Available in 7 and 11 piece sets in a sturdy carrying case

  • Annular Cutters

    Steel cutters featuring carbide teeth and an alternating tooth form geometry for cutting cleaner holes in steel, stainless steel and cast iron (up to 1/2 inches thick). Annular cutters in thin-wall construction (up to 2 inch diameter) also available

  • Cable Bit Accessories

    Designed for use with Milwaukee cable bits of diameters ranging from 3/8 to 3/4 inches to achieve accurate placement of holes while installing a small wire system. Feature no-slip grip

  • Cable Bits

    Featureextra-long, flexible steel shaft to reach behind the wall with maximum precision and ease during installation of small wire systems. Equipped with holes on both ends for pulling the wire through after drilling

  • Coring Bits

    Include core bits, core pins, guide plate and core bit extension for increased drilling precision in masonry and concrete applications. Reduce bit walk during operation and maintain stability. Ideal for creating large holes in bricks, blocks and concrete.

  • Drill Accessories

    Include an extension that gives up to 30 inch additional drilling reach to work on floors or ceilings. Ideal for use with Milwaukee power electric drills.

  • Drill Self-Feed Bit Sets

    Designed for woodcutting and installation of pipe and conduit. Feature centre feed screws that shave the hole radius for clean, smooth holes without pressure and a hex shank to provide a secure grip surface for the drill chuck. Available in 3, 4 and 7-piece sets in a sturdy case.

  • Hammer Drill Bit Sets

    Equipped with a 3-flat shank to fit all 1/2 inch three-jaw hammer-drill chucks and eliminate the possibility of the bit spinning during heavy torsional loads. Feature a reinforced flute geometry and carbide tip design for faster and more accurate cutting with minimal distortion.

  • Hammer Drill Bits

    Carbide-tipped masonry drill bits suitable for delivering precise starts and fast grinding in concrete, brick and block. Feature a wide flute design for faster dust removal, less heat and more holes per charge. Available in 3- and 4-cutter designs to prevent lock-up in rebar, reducing downtime.

  • Hex Shank Drill Bit Sets
  • Hole Cutters

    Ideal for cutting holes into steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium when used with electromagnetic drill presses. Feature carbide teeth with alternating cutting geometry for making faster and more accurate cuts and a spring-loaded, self-ejecting pin to permit faster plug removal.

  • Hole Saw Accessories

    Include adapters, arbours, starter / pilot bits and bit extensions. Starter bits with a large arbour allow accurate centring when cutting materials like tile, stone and glass. Feature a hard carbide tip for durability, faster cutting time and a clean & burr-free finish.

  • Hole Saw Kits

    Include metal cutting hole saws for use with standard power drills. Ideal for cutting materials like steel, cast iron, wood, fibreglass and more. Feature all-access slots with clear visibility for accurate placement & faster chip ejection and a sturdy case for storage & transport convenience.

  • Hole Saws

    Tungsten / bi-metal grit hole saws for use in metals, wood & plastic. Feature all access slot design for quick plug removal and thermoset coating to reduce friction. Selected models have brazed edges for superior joint strength and diamond retention when cutting abrasive materials.

  • Magnetic Drill Press Arbors and Adaptors

    Include an arbour assembly to replace damaged or worn magnetic drill arbours or change to a different direction, size or style. Consist of an oil hose and hand pump for keeping the cutting surface cool and lubricated. Used for connecting the drill's spindle to the compatible chuck motor.

  • Masonry Drill Bits
  • Pilot Point Drill Bit Sets

    Titanium / black oxide drill bit sets used for drilling applications in wood, plastics and metals. Feature a thicker core for protection against side-load breakage and a parabolic flute design for faster chips & debris removal to keep the bit cool. Include an accessory case for storage.

  • Pilot Point Drill Bits

    Titanium / black oxide drill bits designed for drilling through metal, wood and PVC. Feature a thicker core that provides ultimate strength and side-load breakage, a parabolic flute design for faster chip removal and a split point tip to deliver a precision start for making accurate holes.

  • Step Drill Bit Sets

    Used for drilling small and large-diameter holes in plastic and steel. Feature a Rapid Strike tip for delivering quick starts with less heat generation. Integrated with laser-engraved reference marks for user convenience & accuracy and Secure-Grip shanks to reduce bit slippage during the operation.

  • Step Drill Bits

    Titanium-coated drill bits used to make small & large diameter holes in steel & plastic. Feature a dual-flute design for enhanced speed and optimised geometry with black oxide finish for faster cutting & less heat production. Include laser-engraved reference ID for stopping at the correct hole size.

  • Wood Drilling Bit Extensions

    Bit extensions allow operators to extend their reach when drilling with Milwaukee self-feed bits, auger bits and hole saws. Accept all 7/16 inch hexes secured with a hex key. Compatible with 3-jawed chucks and Quick Change chucks.

  • Wood Drilling Bit Sets
  • Wood Drilling Bits

    Feature a centre feed screw that pilots the bit into the workpiece without applying too much pressure while providing faster boring for clean, smooth holes. Coated with rust inhibitor for use in all weather conditions.

Power Saws and AccessoriesView all

  • Abrasive Cut-Off and Chop Wheels
  • Band Saw Accessories
  • Band Saw Blades

    Standard / deep cut portable band saw blades with precision-formed, Matrix II high-speed steel teeth for faster and cleaner cuts. Ideal for cutting struts, conduits, angle irons, copper tubes, threaded rods and pipes

  • Band Saws
  • Chop Saws and Cut-Off Machines

    Ideal for quickly cutting drywall track in bundles, conduit, tubing and rebar with up to 5-inch capacity. Feature a spindle lock button for quick blade changes, a lightweight design for easy portability and an adjustable fence to make accurate 45-degree mitre cuts without flipping the material.

  • Circular Saw Blades

    Engineered with cobalt-infused tungsten, carbide teeth with an alternate top bevel grind that shears through metal providing burr-free, cool-to-touch cuts. Feature alloy steel construction for durability and laser cut vibration dampening slots to minimise heat, sound and noise during operation.

  • Concrete Chain Saw Chains and Bars
  • Diamond Saw Blades
  • Frame and Trim Saws

    Circular saws with dry-cut technology provide faster, cleaner & cool-to-touch metal cutting. Feature an integral ChipTank that contains metal shavings post-cutting and a unique quick-release shield latch for quick blade changes. Equipped with tactile-grip side handles for reduced operator fatigue.

  • Jig Saw Blades
  • Jig Saws
  • Panel Saw Accessories

    Ideal for keeping saws in good working conditions and extending their capabilities. Include items like dust collection kits, panel saw extensions, midway fences, wheels and hold-down bars that easily attach with panel saws for use in specific applications.

  • Portable Band Saw Accessories

    Include a table that converts portable band saws to stationary units. Feature a heavy-duty clamping chain and crank nut for securing all material shapes. Can be mounted on a workbench or uses 3/4 inch diameter pipes as legs to provide maximum support to the saw.

  • Portable Band Saws

    Deep cut / compact band saws deliver the cleanest cuts on materials like strut, conduit & threaded rod. Feature a lightweight design for less operator fatigue and LED work light to illuminate the cutline in dark areas. The Kit includes a carrying case for storage & transport convenience.

  • Power Hacksaws
  • Power Miter Saws
  • Reciprocating Saw Accessories
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades

    Sawzall Series blades to cut wood, tree branches & roots. Feature a 3 TPI design for quick cutting and embedded carbide teeth to withstand underground abrasives. Selected models feature a honeycomb pattern for increased blade rigidity and Tough Neck ribs to prevent tang breakage.

  • Reciprocating Saws

    Sawzall Series reciprocating saws with 360-degree rotating handles for continuous rotation without going back to starting position. Feature a variable speed trigger to deliver 0 to 3000 strokes per minute, a speed dial for making repetitive cuts and a Quik-Lok blade clamp for easy blade changes.

  • Table Saw Accessories
  • Table Saws
  • Track Saw Accessories
  • Track Saws

Cordless ToolsView all

  • Cordless Band Saws

    OSHA-compliant saws used for cutting small-diameter materials. Feature variable speed trigger to quickly set speeds for specified applications, an LED light to illuminate the cut line when operating in tight spaces and a high-capacity battery for delivering fast & burr-free cuts.

  • Cordless Cable Cutters
  • Cordless Circular Saws

    Feature a brushless motor to deliver easier overhead cuts without overheating. Equipped with LED light for cutline visibility and stainless steel shoes for reduced chip build-up. Kits include a circular saw, battery pack, multi-voltage charger, wrench, blade and carrying bag.

  • Cordless Crimpers

About Milwaukee

The company's product catalogue includes a wide range of drilling and fastening tools, metalworking & woodworking tools, drain cleaning products, vacuums & fans, rivet tools, transfer pumps and electrical crimpers. Milwaukee angle grinders feature a powerful motor (up to 4 hp), delivering a maximum speed of 6600 rpm for faster grinding and offering high overload protection against equipment damage due to overheating. They incorporate a spiral bearing to transfer maximum torque to the workpiece and epoxy-coated motor windings to extend durability. They further feature a 2-finger trigger switch for continuous operation and an ergonomic handle for comfortable hand positions and less operator fatigue. These grinders can easily convert into a sander with the help of a backing pad and disc (sold separately) to offer greater tool versatility.

Things to Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Milwaukee MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Dewalt and Westward for hammer drill bits and die grinders. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Milwaukee products available.


These Milwaukee products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Milwaukee items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Milwaukee Competitive Advantages

REDLITHIUM Battery Technology

Milwaukee cordless tools utilise a REDLITHIUM battery pack that provides instant power at the jobsite without the need to run extension cords and generators. This battery pack has a single-piece cell carrier that offers a full enclosure to protect cells from environmental conditions and an onboard battery fuel gauge to display the remaining power. They are integrated with patented REDLINK PLUS intelligence to protect the pack in abusive situations, providing optimum performance and monitoring cells for maximum service life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Milwaukee's TRUEVIEW lighting technology?

The TRUEVIEW lighting technology by Milwaukee provides brightness and clarity without distorting colours. It uses high-quality LEDs and optics to provide an accurate and clear lighting environment for any application. This high-output lighting is available in warm, neutral and cool colour options.

What is the function of the Milwaukee caulk gun?

This powerful cordless gun delivers caulk / adhesives with the most accurate bead control without wasting adhesive due to spills. It uses constant flow technology that eliminates motor oscillation for steady dispensing and even beads at all viscosity levels.

What is the use of a heated TOUGHSHELL jacket?

Milwaukee heated TOUGHSHELL jackets are powered by the brand's patented M12 REDLITHIUM batteries. They use carbon fibre heating elements to create heat and distribute it to front, back and hand pockets, providing comfort in cold weather conditions. They are made of polyester fabric that provides wind & water resistance to increase the durability of heating elements.