LumaPro, a brand of W.W. Grainger, is a leading provider of high-quality lighting solutions for both commercial and industrial applications. Its headquarters is located in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States. Read More



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Indoor FixturesView all

  • Channel Strip Fluorescent Fixtures

    UL-listed fixtures comprising 1 / 2 fluorescent lamps with a maximum power consumption of 59 W. Available in general purpose, narrow, side-mount and low-profile fixture variants

  • Decorative Fixtures

    Architectural fluorescent fixtures, bath bars and low-profile fixtures delivering flicker-free operation without interfering with other electronic devices. Available in surface, flush, wall (down- & up-light) & suspended mounting options

  • Fluorescent Fixture Accessories

    Includes chain hanging kits and replacement lenses. Used for replacing yellowed / cracked lenses on vapor-tight fixtures for restoring light clarity. Selected models feature polycarbonate lenses for protection from harmful UV radiations

  • High Bay Fluorescent Fixtures

    Deliver uniform, bright light from open trusses or high ceilings to floors & work surfaces below. Mounted at heights to illuminate factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, stores and hangars. Can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from 0 to 104 degrees F

  • Low Bay Fluorescent Fixtures
  • Retrofit Kits
  • Under Cabinet Fixtures

    Used in medical laboratories, offices, factories or workshops. Provide illumination on desktops, countertops and similar areas with limited direct light. Available in hardwired, linking convertible and plug-in fixture variants

Outdoor Area FixturesView all

  • Floodlights

    Used to illuminate building exteriors, sports fields, parks and industrial yards. Feature die cast aluminium construction with bronze finish for excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Can be mounted on ceilings, walls, poles or the ground

  • Induction

    Designed to illuminate shopping areas, gas stations and office complexes. Feature lenses made of polycarbonate / prismatic polycarbonate / aluminium / borosilicate glass for optical clarity and protection from harmful UV radiations. Offered in bronze polyester powder paint & white finish variants

  • Landscape Lighting

    Ideal for illumination of public landscapes or private gardens for enhancing nighttime aesthetics, safety, recreation, and sports & social events. Feature halogen / incandescent lamps with outputs ranging from 35 to 150 watts. Available in bullet and mini bullet variants

  • Landscape Lighting Accessories
  • Motion Sensor Fixtures and Kits

    Provide customisable, widespread illumination at areas around garages, buildings and entryways. Wall-mounted fixtures have motion sensors with automatic turn-on facility for instant illumination when someone walks through the area

  • Security/Area Lighting Fixtures

    Ideal for applications at heights; installed at dark walkways or over doorways to deter theft or vandalism. Integrated with glass / acrylic lenses for excellent optical clarity and scratch resistance. Operate between 120 and 277V

  • Wall Packs and Wall Mount Fixtures

    Deliver clean, bright light and reach full brightness instantly. Produce minimal heat and can withstand humidity & temperature changes. Used for replacing traditional lighting wall packs on buildings and allow wall mounting for ease of installation

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BallastsView all

  • CFL Ballasts

    Electronic / magnetic ballasts designed to control the current flowing from power supplies to lights. Feature 1 / 2 / 3 lamps with power ratings ranging from 10 to 104 W and can start at temperatures as low as -4 degrees F

  • Electronic Ballasts

    NEMA-rated ballasts suitable for use with lamps not requiring frequent switching. Provide precision-control flicker-free operation with power factors greater than 0.95

  • HID Ballast Ignitors
  • HID Ballasts
  • HID Capacitors

Task LightsView all

Emergency LightingView all

  • Emergency Lighting Batteries

    Replacement sealed-lead acid / nickel-cadmium batteries featuring AMP / male-Faston terminal connectors for use with Lumapro emergency lights. Available in 300, 650, 4500 & 12000 mAh capacity ratings

  • Emergency Lighting Fixtures

    Wall- / ceiling-mounted emergency lights comprising 2 adjustable incandescent lamps (5.4 W) that operate on lead-calcium batteries

  • Emergency Lighting Lamp Heads
  • Exit Sign and Light Combinations

    1- / 2-face exit signs illuminated by incandescent / LED lamps for use in hospitals, universities and other commercial places. Available in red and green letter colours


About Lumapro

The LumaPro catalogue includes bulbs, LEDs, HIDs, work lights, flashlights, capacitors, CFL ballasts, motion sensors and fluorescent lamps. The company also offers single & double-faced exit signs for hospitals, universities or recreational facilities. The brand's lamps are compatible with a wide range of batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate, lead-calcium and nickel-cadmium. LumaPro electronic / magnetic CFL ballasts are designed to control the current flowing from the power supply to lights and can start at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. These come equipped with 1 / 2 / 3 lamps with power ratings between 10 and 104W.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

LumaPro part numbers cross-reference to various Appleton Electric, GE Lighting, WF Harris Lighting & Hubbell products. So, if you're looking for a LumaPro fixture that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.


LumaPro lighting products are suitable for courier shipment & air freight. They require simple packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a halogen floodlight last?

Halogen bulbs have a lifespan of 2000 hours, which is twice as long as incandescent lights.

What are LumaPro floodlights used for?

These universal mount floodlights improve the visibility of large areas like sports fields, parks, building exteriors and industrial yards, by throwing bright, high-intensity light. They emit very little heat and are resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

What are LumaPro Instant Start Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts?

They are used in fluorescent lighting fixtures in warehouses or areas where lights are left ON for long periods of time. These ballasts produce a lot of voltage when they first turn ON, therefore they shouldn't be utilised with occupancy sensors or other lighting controls that turn lights ON / OFF regularly.

Why are my LED floodlights semi-illuminated, even when turned OFF?

The LED driver has a modest voltage loss, so the LED still shines dimly when switched OFF.