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CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2GG51-73 Toggle Switch Spdt 6 Connector | AA2BJG 10C579

CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2GG51-73 Toggle Switch Spdt 6 Connector

Item: AA2BJG Model: 2GG51-73Cross Ref: 10C579
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Product Specifications:

ItemToggle Switch
AC Contact Rating15A @ 125 VAC, 10A @ 250 VAC
Actuator Length0.68"
Contact FormSPDT
Mounting Hole0.469" Dia.
Number of Connections6
Stem Dia. and Thread Size0.406"
Stem Length0.47"
Switch FunctionOff/Circuit 1 On/Circuit 1 & 2 On
Terminals1/4" Tab

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.03
Ship height (cm)2.54
Ship length (cm)13.97
Ship width (cm)12.7
HS code8536509040
Country of OriginMX

Product Details:

  • Stem Color (Silver)
  • Special Features: Seal In Bushing

Product Variants

ProductModelMounting HoleNumber of ConnectionsStem Dia. and Thread SizeSwitch FunctionTerminalsPrice
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES LT-1561-601-012 Toggle Switch Spdt 5 Connector On/off/on | AA2BJA 10C573 LT-1561-601-0120.469" Dia.50.406"On/Off/On1/4" Tab€€9.74
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2GP51-73 Toggle Switch Spdt 6 Connector | AA2BJF 10C578 2GP51-730.469" Dia.60.406"Off/Circuit 1 On/Circuit 2 On1/4" Tab€€8.40
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FB54-73 Toggle Switch Spdt 3 Connector On/on | AC3WLR 2X465 2FB54-730.5" Dia.30.47"On/OnScrew€€6.21
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FC54-73 Toggle Switch Spdt On/off/on(center Off) | AC3WLT 2X466 2FC54-730.5" Dia.30.47"On/Off/OnScrew€€6.05
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 6FC54-73 Toggle Switch Spdt 3 Connector On/off/ On | AE2EUJ 4X203 6FC54-730.5" Dia.30.47"Momentary On/Off/Momentary OnScrew€€7.87
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FB53-73-TABS Toggle Switch Spdt 3 Connector On/on | AE2EXP 4X847 2FB53-73-TABS0.5" Dia.30.47"On/On1/4" Tab€€4.84
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FC53-73-TABS Toggle Switch Spdt On/off/on | AE2EXQ 4X848 2FC53-73-TABS0.5" Dia.30.47"On/Off/On1/4" Tab€€4.48

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CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2GG51-73 Toggle Switch Spdt 6 Connector
€5.29 /unit