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3M M-928 Lens Covers, 10 Pk | AA3UZE 11W058

3M M-928 Lens Covers, 10 Pk

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Item: AA3UZE Model: M-928Cross Ref: 11W058

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€44.69 /unit
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Product Specifications:

ItemLens Cover

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.07
Ship height (cm)0.25
Ship length (cm)35.56
Ship width (cm)20.32
HS code9020009000
Country of OriginUS

Product Variants

3M M-926 Lens Covers, 10 Pk | AA3UXU 11W018 M-926-€€41.67
3M H-111-100 Lens Covers, 100 Pk | AA8VBV 1AGB5 H-111-100-€€486.57
3M 7899-100 Lens Covers, 100 Pk | AA8VCG 1AGE7 7899-100-€€623.30
3M 7986 Lens Covers Tinted, 25 Pk | AD2ZAQ 3WXT5 7986Tinted€€426.69
3M 6885 Lens Covers, 100 Pk | AD8EDC 4JG07 6885-€€528.18
3M 7899-25 Lens Covers, 25 Pk | AD8EDD 4JG08 7899-25-€€208.56
3M H-110-10 Lens Covers, 10 Pk | AE2MMK 4YG02 H-110-10-€€66.31

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3M M-928 Lens Covers, 10 Pk
€44.69 /unit