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Since 1941, Wilton Tools, a US-based brand with its headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, USA, has been manufacturing high-quality vises and metalworking tools for applications in the construction, automotive, metal fabrication, tradesmen, service & MRO and utility industries. The bullet vise designed by Hugh Vogl, in 1941, is still the largest selling industrial vise. Read More



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About Wilton Tools

The Wilton Tools catalogue includes industrial vises, bar pipes, clamps, sledges, magnetic jaw caps, ball pein hammers, planers, dust collectors, trolleys, axes and splitting wedges. The brand's bench vises are designed to hold objects safely and securely during sanding, finishing, sawing, planning, drilling and welding operations. These Wilton vises offer a double locking swivel base for added safety and provide up to 360-degree rotatable capacity for setting the correct angle on the workpiece. Further, these Wilton vises come equipped with grooved steel jaws to ensure a non-slip grip and have an integral large rear anvil that acts as a shock absorber and resists impact blows of striking tools. Wilton 90 degree clamps are ideal for applications involving right angle welding, joining or grinding. These Wilton tools are made of cast iron with a squarely machined base & sides to ensure high compression strength and have self-centring jaws for quick adjustment of workpieces. They also have slotted holes in the base for easy workbench mounting and copper-plated spindle pivots that allow the moveable jaw to provide a secure gripping of equipment parts. Choose from a wide range of these Wilton tools along with sledges and clamp accessories on Raptor Supplies, a trusted Wilton distributor.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Wilton Tools cross individual references to the equivalent Westward model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor motor that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Wilton Tools available.


These Wilton Tools range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some of the items may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Wilton Tools are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Wilton Tools Competitive Advantages

Wilton Tools Pow-R-Arms

Wilton Tools Pow-R-Arms are ideal for providing work holding support at permanent work stations, workbenches and assembly lines. These arms reposition the workpiece accurately and quickly for eliminating the requirement of clamping and unclamping, thereby minimising downtime. Their 360 degrees full swivelling work positioners set and hold the workpiece in position for providing hands-free production.

Wilton Tools round channel design

Wilton Tools vises feature round channel design for allowing a completely enclosed nut assembly and spindle, thereby retaining the lubrication for extended periods. This design also ensures that the contamination stays out, minimising chances of friction. Wilton vises are anchored at the rear for providing straight-line pressure & pull on the workpiece, resulting in high durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure Wilton vise's throat depth?

The throat depth in a vise is the vertical distance between the jaw's top edge and the main screw's top. The ideal throat depth for these vises is between 3 to 4 inches.

How to choose a suitable vise?

To choose the correct vise for the application in hand, the user should check for the throat depth of the vise. Larger throat depth vises are ideal for holding bulky and large workpieces. Additionally, bigger workpieces also require vises having bigger jaw widths.

How to choose Wilton Tools sledge hammers?

The major factors that are considered while choosing sledge hammers are shaft length, weight and material. Ideally, the sledge hammer weight ranges from 2 to 20 pounds. If the application in hand is related to demolition, the user should choose heavy sledge hammers. For other applications, light to medium duty sledge hammers are ideal.

What is the difference between a simple hammer and a sledge hammer?

The difference lies in the design of the hammer. Sledge hammers have broad, heavy and flat metal heads attached to a long handle. The long handle is designed to provide powerful swings while performing demolition operations.