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Transfer Tanks

Transfer Tank Diesel L White 32-1/4 x 30 x 22
Item: AA6TNB
Model: 350-3-01
€1,349.00 /unit
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Truck Box and Jobsite Box Accessories

Parts Cabinet 32.5 x 11.75 x 4.5 Inch White
Item: AA6TNA
Model: 201-3
€658.90 /unit
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Truck Box Parts Tray 41.5 X9.5x3-1/4 White
Item: AA6TMZ
Model: 200-3
€266.30 /unit
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Truck Boxes

Wheel Well Truck Box Pasenger Side
Item: AA6TML
Model: 173-0-01
  • Hi-Side Truck Box
  • Hi-Side Truck Box
  • Hi-Side Truck Box
  • Hi-Side Truck Box+6
Item (9)
Truck Box Chest 37
Item: AA6TNH
Model: 645-3-01
€1,324.10 /unit
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Wheel Well Truck Box Driver Side
Item: AA6TMK
Model: 172-5-01
€1,128.63 /unit
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