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  • Angle Grinder Accessories

    Includes three-piece grinder kits comprising a 4-1/2 inch flap disc, a 2-3/4 inch cup brush and a 4-inch wire wheel for deburring, as well as removing rust, paint and corrosion. Five-piece utility kits with a stem mounted brush also available

  • Cup Brushes
  • Disc Brushes

    Shell mill disc brushes used for preparing surfaces, removing rust / scale, blending surface marks and edge radiusing on steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, cast iron, ceramic & copper surfaces.  Feature abrasive nylon bristles and max. operating speed of 2500 rpm. Available in 4 and 6 inch brush diameters

  • End Brushes
  • Rotary Tool Accessories
  • Sander Grinder Wire Brushes
  • Spiral and Tube Brushes

About Weiler

Weiler is an ISO 9001:2008 certified US brand known for its quality abrasives. The Weiler Abrasives catalogue incorporates a wide range of products under its flap disc, flap wheel, depressed center wheel, abrasive mandrel and sander grinder wire brush product categories. These high-performance abrasives are available in different grain selections and grit sizes. Designed for tough jobs, Weiler abrasives are a preferred choice when it comes to aggressive removing of materials.