With its headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, Vollrath Company has been manufacturing hospitality, food service & laboratory supplies for use in commercial kitchens, food processing & service industries and laboratories since 1874. The brand provides a comprehensive range of small wares, countertop equipment, serving systems and components. Read More


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Food Service Tableware Bar and BuffetView all

  • Bar Accessories

    Includes breath and sneeze guards for protecting consumables from contaminants in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Feature a foldable design for easier storage and a steel / acrylic base for better stability

  • Chafers

    Stackable chafers designed for food storage operations in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Feature side handles for maximum job site portability and built-in fuel holders for heating consumables. Further equipped with insulated Kool touch lid handle for eliminating accidental burn damage

  • Coffee Decanters Airpots and Urns

    Includes beverage servers and covers featuring an impact-resistant base material for shock absorption; ideal for liquid storage in catering applications. Black and white coloured variants available in 295, 591 and 1242 ml container capacities

  • Condiment Pumps and Dispensers

    Includes sauce cups and shakers made from aluminium / stainless steel to eliminate the chances of food reaction while storing and mixing consumables

  • Flatware Dispensers

    Stainless- steel / plastic / nylon flatware cylinders for organising flatware at offices, restaurants or institutions using stainless-steel. Can also be used to store knives, spoons and forks. Four-compartment polyethylene cutlery holders also available

  • Food Service Accessories
  • Food Service Trays

    Includes 14-, 16- and 18-inch food service trays made of polypropylene. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and offices

  • Food Station Accessories

    Includes high-quality polyester bags and stainless-steel overshelves, caster sets and plate rests that can be easily attached to the food stations for providing extra shelves and space

  • Food Stations

    Includes hot food tables and hot and cold portable food stations featuring a 1-piece thermoset well and a 480W / 525W / 700W / 800W element. Widely used for serving food in conferences and large corporate events

  • Kitchenware Tumblers Bowls and Shakers

    Includes a variety of Vollrath bowls and utility pans in different capacities and overall depths

  • Metal Scoops

    NSF certified heavy-duty scoops used for transferring and scooping food from large storage containers to smaller containers. Made from heavy duty stainless steel / aluminium with satin finish on the outside and mirror finish on the inside

  • Plates and Plate Covers
  • Serving Bowls

Food Service Cookware and PreparationView all

  • Colanders and Strainers

    Colanders, one-piece skimmers, sanitary drain boxes and mesh strainers suitable for food preparation operations. Available in 304 stainless steel, tin, polyethylene and stainless steel construction variants for abrasion resistance against liquids and retaining the surface finish 

  • Cookware

    Includes a wide range of Vollrath cookware, such as stock pots, fry pans, sauce pans, pan / pot covers and braising pots, in stainless steel and aluminium variants

  • Food Service Cutting Boards

    NSF-certified resin cutting boards designed for carving stations. Are easy to sanitise and dishwasher safe

  • Peelers Cutters and Slicers
  • Prep and Hold Utensils

    Includes a wide range of Vollrath tongs with nylon ends and black coated handles, and funnels in different diameters, capacities and overall heights

  • Steam Table Food Pan Accessories

    NSF certified steam table accessories such as adaptor bars, false bottoms and wire grates made of 300 stainless steel. Ideal for eliminating gaps to prevent steam loss and holding food above pan bottom for draining

  • Steam Table Food Pan Covers

    Stainless-steel hinged, solid dome, and Super Pan solid and slotted food pan covers used to keep food warm until it is ready for service. Feature a sturdy handle for easy lift off, and are safe for freezer storage and oven use

  • Steam Table Food Pans and Insets

    Stainless-steel utensils widely used in hotels and restaurants to keep food warm and fresh for servicing. Feature anti-jamming lugs, reinforced spout-shape corners, patented angled ramps and flattened edges, and have a maximum capacity of 28 quarts

  • Turners

    Nylon / stainless-steel turners with ergonomic handles for maximum comfort and sturdy grip. Widely used for turning and serving tortes, lasagne or other delicate food items

  • Whips Spatulas and Scrapers

    Includes a wide range of French whip, piano whip, scraper-shaped, spoon-shaped, plastic scraper and plastic spooned Vollrath spatulas in different colours and overall lengths

Food Service Appliances and EquipmentView all

Food Service Storage and TransportView all

About Vollrath

Vollrath stainless steel kitchen products catalogue comprises kitchenware, food stations, beakers, containers, measuring cups, turners and metal scoops. All Vollrath products have high-temperature tolerance and feature ergonomic handles for comfortable cooking. Vollrath cookware comprises a wide range of kitchenware like stock pots, fry pans & saucepans, pan / pot covers, braising pots and their compatible accessories / replacement parts. They are majorly available in stainless steel and aluminium variants with accessories of different construction materials. Vollrath provides diverse styles of coatings for long-lasting, non-stick operation in commercial kitchens. These cookwares are light in weight and handle heavy-duty cooking.

Things to Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Vollrath product's MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers) generally cross individual reference to the equivalent Carlisle model numbers. So, if you're looking for food service, preparation or handling equipment that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.


These Vollrath products are generally small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment and not air freight.

Major Trade Names

Centurion Cookware

These cookware utensils are used in heavy-duty professional cooking. Centurion cookware has durable stainless steel construction for dishing out food items without any pit formation or discolouration ...Read more 

Intrigue Cookware

These cookware utensils are used for presentation cooking due to their satin & mirror finish combination. They have heavy-gauge stainless steel construction with large clad bottoms & riveted handles f...Read more 

Tribute Cookware

These cooking utensils are used in high-end commercial kitchens due to their exceptional durability. They have Tri-Ply construction with nonstick coating & stay-cool ergonomic handles for heating food...Read more 

Vollrath Competitive Advantages

CeramiGuard II Nonstick Coating

This nonstick coating is used in selected Vollrath cookware to provide superior resistance to wear & abrasion. CeramiGuard II nonstick coating has the longest release life compared to other coatings for the durability of coating & long-lasting cookware operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some standards that Vollrath products abide by?

Vollrath products and accessories may comply with UL, CSA, NSF, ETL and CE quality standards for superior performance & user safety.

Does Volrath offer bakeware products?

Yes, Vollrath offers commercial bakeware like bake & roast pans, loaf pans, sheet pans, pan covers & baking mats for making food items like cakes, bread and pizzas in ovens or other cooking appliances.

What are the advantages of cooking in stainless steel cookware?

Stainless steel is used to make standard Vollrath cookware. The biggest advantage of using cookware made of stainless steel is that it does not react with food and causes flavour distortion. Whereas cookware made of aluminium may react with the acids present in food items like tomatoes, citrus and vinegar. Other advantages of stainless steel include corrosion resistance & superior durability.