For 100 years, Trico, headquartered in Pewaukee, USA, has been manufacturing high-performance lubrication management solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Read More



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Lubrication Filter

LubricatorsView all

  • Grease and Oil Pump Accessories
  • Grease Feeder Accessories
  • Grease Feeders

    Includes microprocessor-controlled streamliner dispensers to apply a precise flow of grease to critical machine parts. Feature an easy-to-read LCD display and an anti-vibration break-free design which allows unit to be deactivated and adjusted as necessary

  • Grease Gun Accessories

    Includes grease meters designed to measure the amount of grease dispensed from the grease guns to the equipment bearing. Feature a backlit LCD screen to display the amount of grease dispensed (in cubic centimetres, grams, ounce or fluid ounces)

  • Grease Guns
  • Lubricator Accessories
  • Oil Pumps

    Manual cyclic pumps featuring a vertical mount aluminium body with a 450cc lubricant reservoir and high-leverage pull handle for pump piston actuation. Automatic lubrication pumps and EZI action drum pumps in different container sizes and outputs also available

  • Oilers and Reservoirs

    Closed system oilers featuring an adjustable collar for the oil level to be externally adjusted to the desired level and a 1/8 inch NPT port to allow pressure balancing between the oiler and the housing. Constant level oilers, oiler wire guards, SST expansion chambers also available

  • Precision Metering Lubrication Pumps

Lubricant Storage and DispensingView all

  • Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems

    Bulk oil storage systems featuring an expandable modular design, 65 gallons tank capacity and color-coded labels and tags to identify oil type to ensure the right lubricant is delivered to the right equipment

  • Lubrication Container Accessories

    Includes easy twist open / close breather vents, hand pumps and storage lids in different colours, heights, lengths and materials

  • Lubrication Containers

    Semi-transparent fluid storage containers featuring a wide opening for rapid no-spill filling, square design for stability, front and back handles for easy pouring and graduated markings along the side of the container

  • Mist Cooling Equipment

    Mist lubrication systems featuring a positive pressure design enabling instant fluid delivery for faster cycle times and anti-siphon valves to permit the nozzle to be mounted in any position

About Trico

The company's catalogue includes a wide range of grease guns, oil drum pump motors, reservoirs, dispensers, filtration systems, constant-level oilers and more. Tricopositive displacement system pumps deliver precisely measured amounts of oil to lubrication points using positive displacement injectors. Selected models have built-in cycle controls. The brand's Watchdog closed system oilers have an integral sight glass to show the oil level in the housing instantly. They have a polysulfone bowl to resist high temperatures and offer optical clarity.

Things to Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Trico MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Eagle and Lube model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Trico products available.


These Trico products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Trico items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Watchdog Desiccant Breathers

Watchdog desiccant breathers utilise a distinctive system for particle filtration & water removal. They prevent harmful contaminants from entering industrial equipment during thermal expansion or flui...Read more 

Industrial Fast Funnel

Trico's Industrial Fast Funnels are the simple, convenient and clean way to pour fluids into containers and equipment. Intended for one-time use, each funnel remains clean and compact until separated ...Read more 

Trico's Tri-Cool Synthetic Coolant

Trico's Tri-Cool synthetic coolant is a biodegradable water-based coolant that contains lubricants and rust-preventing agents. When mixed with water, it provides high-end cooling and lubrication for h...Read more 

Trico Competitive Advantages


SENSEI is a wireless network of sensing devices that provides valuable insights into the performance of critical equipment. This system is backed by the expertise of Trico's professionals to guide the users for maximum uptime, efficiency and confidence. It installs directly onto equipment to send data streams from sensors in real time. The gateway / repeater then streams this data to the cloud, where an intuitive dashboard offers instant access to information about equipment and lubricant health.

Spectrum Oil Storage System

Spectrum oil storage system provides an easy & effective way to store, identify, dispense and transfer lubricants. It is used to store 55-gallon drums and add more tanks when required. This system can easily accommodate, store & dispense lubricants. It further comes with easy-to-relocate systems and has integrated forklift pockets for enhanced operations.

SprayMaster Coolant Systems

SprayMaster coolant systems offer a convenient method for spray cooling during metal cutting operations. These systems can be installed in various machining applications and only require compressed air as a power source.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the brand's oil skimmer?

  • Remove any accumulated oil and debris from the surface of the skimming medium.
  • Use a scraper or a rag to wipe the skimming medium.
  • Clean the oil skimmer by running it in a container of cleaning solvent.

What is the difference between SprayMaster and SprayMaster II?

SprayMaster has a single spray nozzle, while SprayMaster II has two, allowing more uniform coolant coverage and cooling to a larger area. SprayMaster II further features a larger coolant tank to hold more coolant, thus eliminating the need for frequent refilling.

How often should Trico wiper blades be replaced?

Trico recommends replacing wiper blades every 6 to 12 months. Using worn-out wiper blades can lead to reduced visibility and damage to the windshield.

What is the difference between Trico Flex and Trico NeoForm wiper blades?

Trico Flex wiper blades have a unique flexible design that allows them to conform to the shape of the windshield, providing a uniform pressure for a clean wipe. Trico NeoForm wiper blades have a Teflon surface protector that reduces friction & noise. They further feature a sleek, aerodynamic design for enhanced performance.