Electrical Filter

Pin Terminals

Short, rigid pins designed for applications such as soldering and printed circuit boards. Feature lightweight nylon construction which provides electrical insulation and tin-plated copper connecting material for maximum conductivity

Pin Terminal Red Brazed 22-18 - Pack Of 25
Item: AA2HMT
Model: CPGI-B-106-6201-25
€68.16 /unit
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Ring Terminals

Designed to connect two or more wires to a single point in an electrical system. Feature heat shrink insulation which allows reliable operation at temperatures up to 257 degrees F. Available in 22 to 18 AWG, 16 to 14 AWG and 12 to 10 AWG ring sizes

22 to 18 AWG Ring Terminal
Item (4)
16 to 14 AWG Ring Terminal
Item (2)

Splice Kits

Used to safely connect two cables together with minimum joint loss, for use in commercial lighting ballast applications. Feature Insulation Displacement Contacts to ensure quick termination to power wire connection and tap design for fast & easy installation. Available in blue & brown colour variants

Ballast Tap 18 AWG 600V Blue - Pack of 25
Item: AE9CEV
Model: CPGI-1811027-2-K25
€6.29 /pack
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Ballast Tap 18 AWG 600V Blue - Pack of 100
Item: AE9CEU
Model: CPGI-1811027-2-K100
€19.82 /pack
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Ballast Tap 18 to 12 AWG 600V Brown - Pack of 6
Item: AE9CET
Model: CPGI-1811027-1-K6
€1.73 /pack
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Wire Disconnects

Ensure safe and easy disconnection from boards, wires and terminal blocks. Feature one-piece design for easy installation and poke-in wire termination for a reliable connection. Are shock resistant and available in nylon & polycarbonate variants

Female Bullet Disconnect Blue - Pack Of 25
Item: AA2HNB
Model: CPGI-B-106-8502-25
€71.64 /unit
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Female Bullet Disconnect Red - Pack Of 25
Item: AA2HMZ
Model: CPGI-B-106-8401-25
€71.64 /unit
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Male Bullet Disconnect Blue - Pack Of 1000
Item: AA2HMY
Model: CPGI-B-106-7502-BULK
€184.87 /pack
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Male Bullet Disconnect 16 To 14 Awg - Pack Of 25
Item: AA2HMX
Model: CPGI-B-106-7502-25
€71.64 /unit
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Wire End Connectors

Designed to make a low impedance connection between two or more electrical cables in an electrical box. Heat shrink design ideal for high-temperature applications, with a heat shrink ratio of 2:1. Wire connectors with a water-resistant sealant for corrosion protection also available

  • Heat Shrink Wire Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Wire Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Wire Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Wire Connectors+7
Item (10)

About Te Connectivity

TE Connectivity has been manufacturing high-quality connectivity and sensor solutions for the transportation & communication industries. The TE Connectivity catalogue includes antennas, sensors, connectors, EMI filters, fibre optics, heat shrink tubing, power systems, relays, contactors and switches. TE Connectivity fork terminals are commonly used to connect wires to bus bars, studs or other electrical systems. These fork terminals feature nylon construction for light weight & electrical insulation, can bend in any direction without damage, repel hydrocarbons and have increased dielectric strength. They come with serrations which ensure the maximum tensile strength and electrical contact with the conductor. Heat shrink wire connectors by TE Connectivity provide mechanical protection, electrical insulation and strain relief. These heat shrink tubings are UV, water, chemical & flame resistant and minimise heat transfer for electrical & thermal insulation. They are highly flexible, making them ideal for compact spaces and are colour-coded for easy identification.