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  • Calibration and Inspection Labels

    ISO-certified pre-printed labels with a specially designed top-coat that can be written on easily with markers, pens and pencils to identify / track critical information. Feature permanent acrylic and high-track rubber adhesives for permanent positioning and easy removal, respectively 

  • Equipment and Safety Labels

    ISO-certified paper and self-adhesive vinyl labels to alert personnel to special requirements and identify / track critical information on materials. Widely used in material handling, chemical, and food & beverage industries. Available in different colours and sizes

  • Letters and Numbers

    Self-adhesive reflective number and letter labels used to label bins, shelves, machines, equipment and more. Reflective kits containing an assortment of number and letter labels also available

  • Pipe Markers

    Self-adhesive pipe markers made of pressure-sensitive vinyl; used to display voltage or current phase information for easy 360-degree visual identification. Available in different sizes and legends 

  • Right-To-Know Labels
  • Vehicle Placards and Placard Holders

    Used to identify hazardous materials, including explosive, flammable and corrosive substances on cars, trucks, cargo tanks and other large vehicles or containers. Made of rigid styrene, self-adhesive vinyl or tagboard, and available in different designs and sizes

About Stranco Inc

Stranco Inc. offers a wide range of labels and signs for various industrial and commercial applications. The Stranco Products catalogue includes number and letter labels, thermal transfer labels, water-soluble labels, calibration labels, label marker accessories and vehicle placards with placard holders. The Stranco calibration labels, maintenance labels and inspection labels are write-on and pre-printed labels and come in different colours and materials. The Stranco Labels product line also includes various shipping labels, such as fragile, handle with care and other warning labels