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  • Modular Drawer Cabinet Accessories

    Includes drawer dividers and partitions for organising steel storage drawers. Available in 3 to 12.625 inch length options, in packs of 10 and 25 units

  • Modular Drawer Cabinets

    Equipped with dividers and partitioners for storage and organising solutions. Feature aluminium / steel construction, a max capacity of 400 lb and a maximum of 15 compartments. Available in black, blue and dark blue colours

  • Modular Shelf Cabinets

    Open face shelf cabinets in overhead, extra-wide and double-wide variants, in increasing order of width. Feature 2 cabinet selves with 400 lb shelf capacity and steel construction with powder coat finish. Available in black, grey and blue colours

Storage Bins and ContainersView all

  • Bin And Box Accessories

    Includes label holders for dividers & bins to instantly identify components inside. Feature a paper label for writing specifications and clear vinyl shield for protecting the paper. Snap directly on to the divider & have a slide slit for inserting the paper label

  • Bin Dividers

    Plastic bin dividers for BN2544 and BN2548; ideal for efficient usage of bin storage space. Grey in colour, 2.125 inches long and 3 inches wide

  • Storage and Dispensing Bins

    Plastic storage bins with slots for bin dividers. Grey coloured bins available in 3, 6.125 and 12 inch lengths ideal for storage and organising

Workbenches and AccessoriesView all

  • Workbench Accessories

    Includes shelf risers, cabinet pedestals and open legs. Steel constructed shelf risers raise the shelf height, drawer pedestals work as stand-alone or combined workbenches and one key locking mechanism locks all drawers at the same time

Mobile Bin Carts and WorkstationsView all

  • Mobile Service Benches and Cabinets

    Steel constructed mobile workbench cabinets designed for portable storage. Feature up to 6 drawers with lock-in / lock-out latches to prevent accidental opening / closing and load capacities up to 400 lb. Include 5-inch hard rubber casters and handles

About Stanley Vidmar

Stanley Vidmar is a leading manufacturer of modular storage systems used in various industrial, military and agricultural applications. Their product range includes modular drawer cabinets, modular shelf cabinets, storage and dispensing bins, mobile service cabinets and bin dividers. Modular drawer cabinets have a durable and all-welded construction with powder coated finish and single key locking system. Stanley cabinets are available in a number of compartment and drawer configurations with 400 lb of storage capacity. Mobile service benches and cabinets are heavy duty mobile carts with steel bodies and are used for easy transportation of stored materials. Their modular shelf cabinets are used for bulk storage and are available with or without doors. Stanley Vidmar dividers are used to separate drawers into smaller compartments