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  • Double-Sided Tapes

    Designed for strong adhesion between two surfaces for mounting, holding, tabbing and fastening. Feature superior tensile strength, wrinkle-resistance, seamless bonding & conformability to irregular surfaces. Available in rubber and acrylic adhesive variants

  • Duct and Cloth Tapes

    Single-sided tapes with a strong, water-resistant adhesive used for bandaging, bundling, wrapping & patching. Feature high tensile strength and temperature, abrasion & weather resistance, as well as excellent conformability with any surface. Available in polyethylene, acrylic & vinyl coatings

  • Filament Tapes

    Fibreglass-reinforced tapes designed for strapping, packaging, bundling and palletising. Feature an aggressive adhesive and durable backing for resisting splits, cracks or delamination. Available in white colour with tensile strengths ranging between 100 and 300 inch-lb

  • Film Tape

    Designed for sealing, masking and patching surfaces during painting or stucco applications. Polyethylene film with synthetic rubber adhesive has excellent wearability & watertight seal and allows residue-free removal. Available in continuous roll type

  • Foil Tapes

    Designed for masking, seaming, sealing and heat shielding of delicate parts. Feature an aluminium backing coated with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive for dissipating heat, chemical & humidity resistance and conformability to curved surfaces. Available in silver colour

  • Masking Tapes

    Used for masking surfaces before painting, labelling, packaging & bundling. Feature excellent tensile strength, temperature resistance, flexibility & removability, as well as sharp paint lines. Available in polyethylene, rubber and crepe paper adhesive variants

  • Packaging Tapes

    Designed for carton sealing, packing, shipping & storing, and label protection. Feature synthetic rubber / resin hot melt adhesive with Hold Strong technology providing excellent conformability and long-lasting sealing. Available in Cast 25, 30, 40 & 50 micron BOPP backing materials

About Shurtape

Shurtape is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tapes for packaging, painting, HVAC and transportation. The brand's catalogue comprises an extensive range of electrical, duct & cloth, double-coated, paper, packaging and speciality tapes. Shurtape duct tapes feature a strong, rubber based adhesive made of polyethylene, suitable for temporary sealing purposes. It is easily removable from the surface when the job is done. The brand's gaffer's tapes offer excellent temperature resistance & adhesion, and are widely used in the film & photography industries, as well as theatrical and trade shows. These matte-finish tapes do not reflect under bright lights or flashes and conform well with the surface without twisting or curling. Choose from a wide range of products like surface protection films, filaments, pipe sealants and masking tapes on Raptor Supplies.