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  • Ash Trays Cigarette Receptacles and Ash Tray Sand

    Stylish and durable cigarette receptacles and ash trays for efficient smoking litter management. Free standing and wall mounted variants available in different dimensions and capacities

  • Indoor Trash Cans

    Reduce litter and help prevent garbage from acting as an obstruction in high-traffic areas; suited for indoor locations. Feature a sleek and functional design that flush fits against the walls and saves space. Offered in 3 to 95 gal capacity variants

  • Laundry Nets

    Integrated with a locking closure to protect mops, microfibre pads and other cleaning items during laundering. Feature synthetic mesh construction for preventing rough handling of delicate fabrics. Come in a length of 24 inches and width of 36 inches

  • Outdoor Trash Cans

    Aid in waste / trash collection when exposed to heavy wind, rain and snow. Designed in accordance with FM approvals to withstand internal fire, maintain stability and stay unharmed over a broad temperature range. Come with 1 to 4 hands-free disposal openings

  • Recycling Container Tops

    HDPE / plastic / polypropylene container tops facilitating waste and recycling sortation tasks. Integrated with a shaped / contoured opening that helps users determine which recyclables the container accept. Available in overall depths ranging from 16 to 26-5/16 inches

  • Recycling Containers

    Feature a durable design for handling outdoor waste and providing effective deskside recycling solutions. Can handle loads ranging from 1 to 92 gallons. Come with a universal recycle symbol imprinted on the baskets. Offered in plastic, poyethylene and steel construction variants

  • Specialty Waste Containers

    Meet HIPAA needs to help store confidential documents awaiting shredding; suitable for use in healthcare facilities and financial institutions. Feature a recessed paper slot that prevents unauthorised entry and a well-balanced design for added stability during high winds or on uneven surfaces

  • Trash and Recycling Container Accessories

    Includes dolly handles, in-ground posts, mounting brackets, poles, rigid trash can liners, surface-mount posts and trash can panels to collect, contain and sort trash or waste materials

  • Trash and Recycling Container Dollies

    HDPE / rubber / resin dollies designed to prevent rusting, chipping or denting; provide a secure base for trash cans. Feature non-marking wheels with a swivelling facility for easy mobility and a maximum load handing capacity of 250 lb

  • Trash Can Tops

    Fit securely and tightly onto trash cans to keep the inner contents and foul odour contained, as well as prevent pest infestations. Feature handles, on the side, for easy opening. Available in half-round, round, square and rectangular shapes

  • Utility Waste Containers

    Integrated with reinforced rounded handles to make lifting and moving easier, while resisting tears or damages caused by heavy loads. The stackable design enables nesting. Offered in plastic, polyethylene & LLDPE construction variants to handle loads up to 44 gal

Wet Mops Squeegees and BucketsView all

  • Mop Bucket and Wringer Combinations

    Feature a WaveBrake design to ensure less splashing while mopping and a foot-operated drain facility to empty the heavy mop buckets into floor drains, reducing the strain of lifting and bending while emptying. Available in capacities ranging from 28 to 44 qt

  • Mop Buckets

    Feature heavy-duty wall construction to hold and carry water, cleaning solutions and other liquids for janitorial tasks and cleanup operations. Come with molded-in graduations for accurate measuring and a pour spout for easy pouring

  • Mop Handles and Frames

    Handles feature a unique handle grip to swivel 360 degrees radially in either direction & reduce wrist strain. Available in lengths ranging from 13 to 72 inches to allow the user to stand upright while mopping large areas. Can be attached to mops using mop frames

  • Squeegees

    Enhance the cleaning power of window washing equipment used for oddly shaped windows. Used to remove liquids from uneven floors and grout lines without leaving marks. Selected models have handles with lengths up to 60 inches

  • Wet Mop Kits
  • Wet Mops
  • Window Washing Equipment

Brooms Brushes and Dust PansView all

Janitorial Carts and Supply HoldersView all

EquipmentView all

  • Carpet Sweepers

    Manual and battery-powered carpet and floor sweepers made of durable galvanised steel and ABS plastic. Come equipped with easy-to-open dirt trays for easily collecting dust and debris

  • Floor Polishers

About Rubbermaid

For more than 70 years, Rubbermaid has been producing industrial-grade waste management and material handling products. The company's product catalogue comprises bins, containers, cube trucks, mops, brooms, ashtrays and related accessories. Rubbermaid mops and brooms are used to clean dust from surfaces and sweep floors. Rubbermaid storage containers and bins are used to store, stack and carry files, tools, food or any other material. These bins are made from high-quality plastic and feature lockable latches for added security. Choose from a wide range of these ISO 9001:2000 and ANSI-certified Rubbermaid products on Raptor Supplies.