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Pneumatics Filter

Hose ReelsView all

  • Cable Reels

    Static-discharge cable reel used for storing cables and hose reels in hazardous locations. Feature permanently lubricated bearings for reduced frictional losses and ratchet locking facility for full knee extension with high stability. Offered in floor, wall, ceiling, bench and truck mounting options

  • Hose Reel Accessories

    Includes reel carts and hose roller guides in rectangular, square and round configurations for use in pressure washing and ground maintenance services. Available in Delrin, nylon and UHMU materials

  • Hose Reel Mounting Brackets

    Installation accessories, such as pivot brackets, swivels, channel bracket adapters and wall-mount swings, for use with hose reels

  • Lead Hoses

    2- and 3-ft-long lead hoses used for transferring air and water of temperatures up to 150 degrees F and pressures up to 300 psi. Feature dual MNPT connections

  • Motor Driven and Hand Crank Hose Reels

    Hand crank and motor-driven hose reels featuring an all-bolted unitised construction and a steel frame. Ideal for applications requiring long hose length

  • Spring Return Hose Reels

    Durable Reelcraft hose reels with a steel base, a full flow swivel and a latch cam. Designed to withstand pressures up to 5000 psi and ideal for applications in combustible environment for grounding purposes

Pneumatics HosesView all

  • Air Hose Accessories
  • Air Hoses

    Ideal for delivering compressed air to pneumatic tools and nozzles. Can be cut to required lengths and further allow compatible hose fittings to be added on both ends. Available in 1/4 - 3/4 inch I.D. and 0.5 - 1.062 inch O.D. variants

  • Tubing

Replacement PartsView all

  • Parts

    Includes commonly used replacement parts for damaged reels, such as hose reel bumpers, hose assemblies, spring cases, hose reel swivels, service kits, spray valves and spring arbors

About Reelcraft

The brand's catalogue includes products like air, water, oil, grease, vacuum & twin hydraulic hose reels, tool balancers and more. Reelcraft hose reels are used to deliver fluid and air and are available in spring return, motor-driven, hand crank and gas welding models. These Reelcraft air hose reels are suitable for irrigation, agriculture and automotive facilities and feature rugged construction for impact strength. These hose reels are made from high-grade steel and engineered with structural forms & gussets for added durability. The brand also offers coupled air hoses for transferring compressed air to machinery & industrial equipment driven by compressed air. These air hoses have flexible PVC cover, preventing damage to the air hose in harsh industrial environments. These air hoses have brass connectors on each end for connecting to the air supply source and the machinery / equipment. Raptor Supplies, a trusted distributor of Reelcraft, offers various Reelcraft parts, accessories and mounting brackets for repair & replacement purposes.

Reelcraft Competitive Advantages

REELSAFE Controlled Return Hose Reel

The brand's REELSAFE technology is designed to safely retract the Reelcraft air hose at a safe slow speed. This technology features integral clutch mechanism that creates a consistent retraction speed regardless of surrounding temperature or fluid presence. The retraction speed is limited to two miles per hour to prevent any chances of damage to the hose line while retraction. This feature can be readily deployed and requires no additional field adjustment for operation. Additionally, the thru-shaft fluid path feature eliminates the hose reel interference during reel rotation. This slow speed retraction feature protects the user and Reelcraft air hose reels from hazards & unwanted damage.

Enclosed Drive Spring

Reelcraft hose reels having hose retraction mechanism feature enclosed drive spring, ensuring the spring is protected against fluids & harsh industrial environments irrespective of the location. This enclosed drive spring design ensures that the hose is retracted safely to the hose reel.

Adjustable Guide Arm

Reelcraft hose reels feature adjustable guide arms that dispense / retract the hose. These guide arms are adjustable to set the hose dispense angle according to the user or application requirement for smoothly dispensing the hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Reelcraft reels made?

Reelcraft hose reels are manufactured in Columbia City, Indiana, in the United States of America.

Can Reelcraft hand crank reels be converted to motor-driven reels?

Yes, Reelcraft offers a range of conversion kits for converting manual hand crank style reels into motor-driven reels. Reelcraft also offers various speed controls and switches for controlling motor driven reels with safety and precision. These switches are motor size-specific and should be wired properly to ensure the safe functioning of the hose reel.

Can Reelcraft spring driven reels be converted to constant tension reels?

Yes, selected spring driven reels are convertible to constant tension reels on site. It can be done by removing the latching system on the hose reel assembly and the reel will function as a constant tension unit.

Is it possible to slow down the speed of Reelcraft motor-driven reel?

Yes, the brand offers various speed control devices and weatherproof combination switches for slowing down / controlling the speed of motor-driven reels. These speed / switch controls offer variable or fixed speed control, ON-OFF functionality without loss of motor torque. These controls also provide motor reversing capabilities if the application demands them. Reelcraft also offers various mounting brackets to connect these controls & switches to the reel assembly.

Can Reelcraft hose reels be disassembled?

Yes, Reelcraft hose reels can be easily disassembled on-site if the reel assembly requires maintenance or modifications to accommodate various applications.

How does auto rewind hose reel work?

These automatic rewind hose reels feature an internal recoil spring that automatically rewinds the air hose. When the user pulls the air hose from the reel assembly, the hose is pulled against the tension of the recoil spring. Additionally, the more hose is pulled out from the reel, the tension on the internal recoil spring builds up even further. The entire reel drum rotates when the hose is pulled out or retracted on the reel assembly.

What are the types of hose reels?

The most common types of hose reels are hand-crank operated reels, spring-driven reels and motor-driven reels. Hand crank reels are completely hand-operated and require hand cranking the drum for retracting the reel onto the drum. Spring operated reels have an enclosed spring assembly for automatically retracting the reel onto the drum. Hand crank and spring-driven reels are ideal for light to medium scale applications. Motor-driven reels are designed for retracting the hose using a controlled switch and speed control mechanism. These reels are used in commercial facilities that require frequent dispensing & retracting of heavy hoses or electrical wires.

What is the purpose of Reelcraft stainless steel hose reels?

Stainless steel Reelcraft hose reels are designed for food processing & chemical processing applications. These hose reels are suitable for offshore, coastal and onboard ship locations where harsh environments can damage the metal. These Reelcraft stainless steel hose reels can be easily cleaned after the operation and require minimum maintenance.

Can you replace the hose in a retractable hose reel?

Yes, the user can easily replace the damaged / worn down hose in a retractable hose reel. The automatic retraction system of the hose reel must be disengaged for replacing / removing the hose. It can be done by removing the onboard latching mechanism.

How to fix a retractable hose reel?

Usually, Reelcraft retractable hose reels do not need fixing. However, if the need arises, the user can easily disassemble the hose reel assembly to detect the faulty component and install a replacement.

How to reel Reelcraft extension cords?

Reelcraft extension cord reels feature containerised drive spring in the reel unit drum. These extension cords can be automatically reeled using the reel retraction mechanism that keeps the tension on the retraction spring when the extension cord is reeled out.

What is the best air hose reel to buy?

It depends upon the user requirement and the application. Reelcraft offers various enclosed, high temperature and stainless steel hose reels. These air hose reels are ideal for locations having highly abrasive contaminants or salty water. Reelcraft air hose reels are suitable for a variety of commercial applications.