Since 1970, RAMFAN, a Euramco Group brand has been manufacturing portable ventilation products for industrial, fire safety and marine applications. The brand is headquartered in Spring Valley, California, USA and offers products used in the most dangerous environments / confined spaces to handle flammable gases, vapours, mists & dust. Read More



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About Ramfan

RAMFAN portable ventilation product catalogue includes confined space fans & blowers, ventilation ducts, heaters and air conditioners. RAMFAN confined space fans feature an axial blower in a UV, corrosion & dent-resistant polyethylene housing to deliver powerful airflow. They are available in a compact & lightweight design and offer ultra quiet operations. The brand's 15 / 25 feet long ventilation ducts feature PVC / polyester construction and are suitable for transferring hazardous gasses out of confined spaces using explosion-proof confined space fans.

Things to Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

RAMFAN product model numbers generally cross individual references to the equivalent Air Systems International & Allegro SafetyMPNs (manufacturer's part numbers). So, if you're looking for confined space fans / blowers, ventilation ducts & accessories that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.


These RAMFAN products are generally small to medium in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment and not air freight.

Major Trade Names

UB20 M.E.D. Ventilation System

This M.E.D. System (Manhole Entry Device) ensures proper ventilation of confined spaces while allowing quick entry & exit of workers from small openings, unlike other...Read more 

UB20 Turbo-Couple

RAMFAN UB20 Turbo-Couple allows quick connection of two RAMFAN UB20 confined space blower fans for increasing airflow up to 50%. It is also used during long & windy duct runs that require more power &...Read more 

Quick-Couple Reversible Canister

RAMFAN Quick-Couple reversible canister is used for storing & protecting the connected ducts from damages like rips & tears. It has an easily attachable / detachable design to connect to the brand's U...Read more 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a fan from RAMFAN?

  • Power Source: Electric power is used in stationary applications, whereas battery power is used in portable applications.
  • Airflow Requirements: Factors like impeller design, impeller diameter & input power determine the airflow required for ventilating the desired area.
  • Size Requirements: Users should determine the size of the fan required. A large-sized fan offers greater airflow but consumes larger space.

What is entrained air in ventilation applications?

Entrained air refers to the natural effect created when high-velocity airflow pulls the air next to it into the flow path. The ventilation fans create large amounts of entrained air. Therefore, the users must include the entrained air going through the opening when measuring airflow to calculate the practical ventilation offered by the fan.

What are RAMFAN Kraken charging hubs?

Charging hubs are ideal for supplying continuous onboard AC power to recharge batteries. These battery tool charging hubs can store energy and transport it to the desired location for charging tool batteries continuously.