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  • Ballast Accessories
  • CFL Ballasts

    Mark 10 Powerline and SmartMate Series electronic ballasts ideal for powering single or dual fluorescent lamps with a full-range dimming facility on selected models. Require a min starting temperature of 0 / 25 / 32 / 50 deg F and no additional wiring

  • Dimming Ballasts

    Energy-efficient ballasts comprising separate control leads for use with occupancy sensors & building management systems to provide full-range continuous dimming. Feature Class P / IP thermal protection & a programmed-start circuit (on selected models) to deliver extended lamp life

  • Electronic Ballasts

    Designed to provide instant flicker-free ignition in under-cabinet, sign lighting or orientation lighting fixtures. Feature lamp striation reduction technology (on some items) to allow low-temperature operation & lower energy consumption. Can be used with CFL, F54T5, T12, T8 & T5 lamps

  • Electronic HID Ballasts

    Vacuum-impregnated HID ballasts designed to provide quiet operation with protection against premature ballast failure & voltage breakdown. Ideal for use in high-bay retail shops, gyms, warehouses or parking structures & compatible with HID metal halide bulbs or high-pressure sodium fixtures

  • HID Ballast Ignitors

    Used to repair high-intensity discharge (HID) cores and coil ballasts by producing a glow discharge in lamps and ionising the inner gas (metal halide, mercury or sodium). Available in 35 - 1000 W lamp wattage options

  • HID Ballasts

    Used with lighting fixtures to protect light bulbs from power fluctuations, maintaining the efficiency of bulbs. Ideal for regulating voltage spike and current supply while bulbs are ON. Available in indoor, outdoor & waterproof enclosure options

  • HID Capacitors

    Charge / energy storing capacitors designed to prevent HID bulbs from flickering, start the bulbs and regulate incoming currents & voltage in HID bulbs. Dry-film HID capacitors ideal for installation in sign & bollard lights. Oil-filled capacitors also available

  • LED Drivers

    Used in LED lighting fixtures for protecting arrays from power supply fluctuations. Ideal for converting high voltage AC into low voltage DC to power the arrays. Programmable LED drivers can be tuned to provide specific voltage & current outputs to meet the power requirements

  • Magnetic Ballasts

    Replacement for magnetic ballasts in fluorescent lighting fixtures. Ideal for switches, occupancy sensors and lighting controls not capable of controlling light intensity output. Available in voltage ratings of 120 and 277VAC

  • Sign Ballasts

    SingPRO Series sign ballasts designed to power high-intensity light bulbs used in indoor & outdoor signs and withstand exposure to rain & weather extremes. Feature fail-safe mechanism for keeping other bulbs powered, even if one fails

About Philips Advance

Philips Advance's extensive catalogue comprises linear, point & industrial modules; LED drivers and ballasts. Phillips Advance ballasts are ideal for regulating current and providing sufficient voltage to fluorescent lighting systems. These compact ballasts feature lightweight construction and have a metallic enclosure for protection against abrasive materials & harsh industrial conditions, in addition to providing harmonic distortion minimisation for ripple-free, consistent output. A wide range of the aforementioned products, along with ballast ignitors and sign ballasts, is available on Raptor Supplies.

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Philips Advance equipment and accessories are suitable for courier shipment & air freight. They require simple packaging, depending upon the product dimensions.

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Philips Advance Competitive Advantages

InstantFit LED

When used with Philips InstantFit LED lamps, Advance tubular LED drivers can be optimised to provide exceptional energy savings. These Philips LED bulbs last 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. Each light bulb is expected to last up to 36000 hours (3 hours per day), saving money on bulb replacement.

ComfortFade Dim-to-Off Technology

Using this technology, you can easily customise the time it takes for luminaires to fade-to-on or dim-to-off via a sensor. This technology allows the addition of sensors without the need for an additional power pack. It is a great way to reduce energy consumption and meet regulatory requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What LED lighting standards are referenced in the Energy Star specification?

  • ANSI (American National Standard Institute): Defines solid-state lighting devices and components.
  • IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) - Establishes procedures for measuring the photometry and electrical characteristics of solid-state lighting products.
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) - Prepares safety standards for LED lighting products such as drivers, controllers, arrays, packages and modules.
  • NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) - Specifies the mechanical, thermal and electrical interfaces between luminaires.