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  • Flashlight Accessories

    Static discharge cables designed for discharging the accumulated static charge to the ground while manufacturing electrical or semiconductor devices. Feature an insulated galvanised steel wire for maximum conductivity. Variants available in 50, 100 and 200 feet length configurations

  • Flashlight Chargers

    Used to lift or lower load materials up to 2200 lb at heights up to 10 ft. Feature a rugged & simple design which is easy to operate & maintain and self-adjusting disc brakes applied automatically upon cutting off the air supply. Offer variable speed control with an unlimited duty cycle

  • Handheld Flashlights

    Non-conductive bolt cutters used to cut padlocks, bolts, wire meshes and chains. Feature short blades and long handles with compound hinges for maximum gripping and cutting force. Fibreglass handles provide outstanding dielectric properties and ensure extra safety in wet conditions  

  • Headlamps and Hands Free Lights

    Rechargeable headlamps and hands-free lights featuring an LED lamp that runs on rechargeable alkaline / lithium batteries to generate light beams of up to 98 metres. Available in ABS, Xylex and plastic body materials

  • Penlights

    Industrial-grade flashlights designed to provide a maximum battery-burn time of 32 hours, even on high settings. Feature a Xenoy polycarbonate resin / plastic body allowing safe-electrical operations

  • Rechargeable Flashlight Battery Packs

    Includes lithium-ion / nickel metal hydride batteries capable of providing a maximum power output of 3500 mAh

  • Rechargeable Flashlights

    Industrial / tactical flashlights consisting of an LED / xenon lamp (max life 100000 hr) to generate a beam output ranging from 35 to 180 lm. Offered in fixed and adjustable focus variants

  • Specialty Flashlights

    NEMA-rated flashlights featuring two white LEDs that turn when the head is flipped and a built-in clip which attaches to surfaces up to 1/2 inch thick. Provide a 34-hour run time at high settings

  • Spotlights

Job Site LightingView all

  • Temporary Job Site Lights

    IP54-rated remote-area LED lights capable of operating on both AC and DC cycles with a maximum power consumption of 212 W and run-life of 50000 hours. Models featuring low-battery warning system and a rubber activation switch also available

About Pelican

For more than 40 years, Pelican has been manufacturing a wide variety of products for military, fire safety and industrial applications. The Pelican Products catalogue includes portable lighting systems, temperature control packaging solutions and protective cases. Its Packaging product line includes protective cases, pallet cushions, tool storage accessories, storage trunks, site boxes, tool boxes and chests. Pelican cases provide an airtight and watertight seal and come in different colours, dimensions and load carrying capacities. The company also offers a wide variety of lighting systems, such as Pelican flashlights, job site lights, lanterns, pen lights, headlamps and handsfree lights. These are available in different body colours and materials.