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About Nilfisk

Nilfisk is a leading innovator of cleaning solutions for applications such as industrial floor cleaning, maintenance, autonomous cleaning and floorcare. Nilfisk features an extensive catalogue including vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning equipment, pressure washers and detergents. Dry vacuum cleaners by Nilfisk are ideal for cleaning up debris, dirt or small liquid spills. These vacuum cleaners feature a holding tank which can hold up to 13 gallons of vacuumed liquids or debris, a powerful 2 / 3 stage motor which ensures heavy-duty cleaning of dust & dirt and a polyester star filter which provides enhanced filtration even in extreme conditions. These vacuum cleaners have steel construction and a 1000 hour average bush life which ensures smooth operation in harsh industrial environments. Nilfisk contractor vacuums are ideal for collecting powder, dust or chips from worker clothing and power tools. These contractor vacuums come equipped with dust extractors to prevent dust buildup and wall mounting mechanism to save ground space. They feature a powerful 1.6 HP motor and a power regulator for adjusting the suction level. Choose from a wide range of dry vacuum cleaners, contractor vacuums, critical area vacuums, shop vacuum cleaners, coolant vacuums and related accessories on Raptor Supplies.