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Since 1864, Nicholson has been manufacturing machine made metal files for applications in the automotive, woodworking and metalworking industries. The company is based in Providence, Rhode Island and the Nicholson file catalogue offers rasps, steam straps, pressure regulators, hand saws, saw blades, file cleaners, power tool accessories and hand files for metalworking operations. Read More


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  • File Cleaners

    Nicholson single / double sided file cards, also known as file cleaners, are widely used for de-clogging or cleaning files. The double sided file cards include steel wire bristles on one side and a brush on the opposite side for hard cleaning.

  • File Handles

    Nicholson crescent tools feature a screw-on design and are contoured to fit the hand for straight, lathe & draw filing. These handles are made of strong, high impact plastic that offers impact resistance, rigidity and tensile strength. They have a non slip, textured finish to offer a comfortable grip.

  • Hand Files and Rasps

    Nicholson hand metal files & rasps are used for filing, cutting and sharpening metals, plastics, saws, diecasts and rough casts. They are available in multiple shapes, teeth patterns, edges and handles for use in the electrical, metallurgical and lumber industries.

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  • Hand Saws

    Nicholson hand saws feature quick changing blades and an adjustable crank handle that provides tension for torque up to 30000 psi. They are designed for continuous cutting applications and are ideal for professional trade workers.

About Nicholson

Nicholson File Company is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of machine made files. The company's product catalogue includes files, rasps, metal file handles, steam traps, hand saws, circular saw blades, pressure regulators, file cleaners and power tool accessories. Nicholson files are precisely engineered to provide maximum gram removal per stroke and feature resharpenable teeth for long life. These files have an ergonomic handle and a rear taper that allows comfortable and powerful gripping. The company's line of hand files includes half round files, knife files, square files, warding files and three square files. These files are widely used for filing, cutting and sharpening metals, plastics and saws in woodworking and metalworking applications. Raptor Supplies offers Nicholson metal file hand tools in various shapes, sizes and materials.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Nicholson files' MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers) generally cross individual references to the equivalent Simonds files model numbers. So, if you are looking for competitor hand files for metal that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent old Nicholson files available. Customers can also cross reference most of these tools and metal files using the last five digits of the model numbers.


The Nicholson file catalogue is small & lightweight. The files may require careful packaging as some products may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Nicholson products are delivered by courier shipment and not by air freight.

Major Trade Names

Nicholson Competitive Advantages

Nicholson SandShark

The Nicholson SandShark technology is a revolutionary concept for material removal, allowing up to 25 times faster removal than coarse (60 grit) sandpaper. SandSharks produce a surface smooth enough to paint and sand. The teeth are specially heat hardened and sharpened to cut easily through the hardest material and keep their edge intact. Moreover, SandShark units have a tooth pattern that resists clogging. They can be easily cleaned with a standard household brush and can be repeatedly used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Nicholson files?

Nicholson metal files ensure detailed and fine finish on metal or wood working applications. Raptor Supplies offers Nicholson hand files for metal including file steel for knife making and similar Nicholson tools.

Which company makes Nicholson files?

Crescent Nicholson is a manufacturer of manual material removal products from Apex Tool Group. The extensive Crescent Nicholson file catalogue includes files, swas, rasps, and accessories.

Where are Nicholson files made?

The Nicholson File Company manufactures files and hand tools at Acorn Street in Providence, Rhode Island.