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Brushless ECM Motors

Designed for powering evaporator and condenser fans in HVAC-R equipment such as ice machines, walk-in coolers and display cases. Capable of being operated up to an ambient temperature of 55 degrees C and deliver speeds ranging between 1401 & 1600 rpm

Ecm Unit Bearing Motor, 1550 Rpm, 115VAC
Item: CH6KKR
Model: 5R034
€206.74 /unit
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Motor Mounting Brackets

Motor Mounting Bracket
Item: CT3URC
Model: 5K001
€11.04 /unit
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Unit Bearing Motors

Ideal for applications with output ranging between 1 & 9 watts. Equipped with an internally-mounted capacitor for direct mechanical interchanging with current shaded pole motors and allow mounting in both horizontal & vertical positions

About Morrill

Morrill, a Regal Beloit brand, manufactures industrial-grade motors for commercial refrigeration applications where high efficiency and quiet operation are critical to quality. The Morrill catalogue includes Arktic 59 motors, Arktic SSC motors, ECM toolboxes, fan blades and bearing motors. Morrill unit bearing motors are used in demanding applications where high efficiency is required. They feature an aluminium enclosure for withstanding harsh industrial environments and durable ball bearings for enhanced operation. They can be pedestal mounted for easy installations & repairs, and are UL, ATeX & CE compliant for safe operation. These bearing motors, along with brushless ECM motors and foot mounting unit bearing motors, are available on Raptor Supplies.