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  • Hole Cutters

    Carbide hole cutters featuring a precision-ground triple chip teeth ideal for cutting sheet metal, aluminium, PVC / ABS, stainless steel and plastic workpieces. Available in 3/16 and 1 inch cutting depth capacities

  • Hole Saw Accessories

    Includes arbor extensions, hole saw arbors, nut adapters, pilot drill bits and hole saw ejection springs suitable for use in drilling operations. Available in carbon steel, high-speed steel and steel variants

  • Hole Saws

    Suitable for use with drilling machines and drill presses for drilling holes with a maximum cutting depth of 1.5 inches. Capable of reducing run-outs and vibration levels and optimised to remove materials faster, as compared to standard hole saws

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  • Band Saw Accessories

    Gauges designed for measuring under- and over-tensioned conditions in band saw blades. Feature a cast powder-coated body for withstanding harsh conditions and a storage box w/ protective foam inserts. Can measure loads in lb per sq. in and kg per sq. cm

  • Band Saw Blades

    High-performance blades ideal for cutting wooden, metallic and synthetic workpieces in construction, metalworking and woodworking applications. Available in carbon, carbide grit, bi-metal, carbon steel and carbide blade variants

  • Chop Saws and Cut-Off Machines

    Designed for cutting metallic workpieces, such as angle iron stocks, metal studs, conduits and tubings. Feature carbide tipped blades for minimising heat generation and a comfortable gripping handle for ensuring fatigue-free operation 

About M. K. Morse

For over 50 years, M. K. Morse has been a leading manufacturer of cutting tools, saw blades and abrasives for various fabrication and metalworking applications. The M. K. Morse catalogue includes band-saw blades, hole saws, hole cutters, chop saws and cut-off machines, wood drilling bits and circular saw blades. The industrial M. K. Morse hole saws feature a premium-grade M42 high-speed steel cutting edge for fast material removal and prolonged use. These come in bi-metal, carbon and carbide tipped variants and in different saw diameters. For cutting stainless-steel pipes, tubes or bar stocks, the heat-treated M. K. Morse band saw blades comprise straight-pitch teeth to deliver a fast cutting operation with better chip clearance and reduced vibrations. Choose from a wide range of M K Morse products, available in different lengths, diameters, widths, materials and thicknesses, on Raptor Supplies.