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  • Metal Cutting Snips Sheet Metal Tools

    Versatile J-Channel cutters designed to downstream notch cutouts, miter trim cuts in vinyl channels and to make drain tabs. Feature ergonomic Redline handle technology, heat-treated steel construction and a safety latch. Aviation snips, hole cutters, folding tools & hand seamers also available

  • Precision Knives and Blades

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  • Staplers and Tackers

    PEX to foam board staplers designed for fastening foam workpieces in flooring and ventilation operations. Leaf spring controlled stop for automatic adjustment to eliminate risk of deforming & jamming staples and smooth stapling action for fatigue minimisation & user comfort

  • Staples and Brad Nails

    Galvanised steel / aluminium alloy hog ring staples ideal for application where a snag-free ring closure is desired. Feature blunt-ends for easy loading and safety, and can easily secure a 7-gauge tension wire to 9-gauge chain link fence. Offered in packs of 200, 250, 500, 1000 & 1250

Crimping ToolsView all

  • Cable Tie Tools

    Tie tensioning tools suitable for fastening ducts & pipes with nylon ties in ventilation, construction and warehousing operations. Cushioned grip handles offer user comfort & fatigue-free operation, with selected models featuring adjustable knob for precise tension output. Available in 6 and 8.5 inch lengths

  • Crimping Tool Kits

PliersView all

  • Retaining and Lock Ring Pliers

    Commercial-grade hog ring pliers designed to secure chain link fences. Compatible with 7-, 9- and 11-gauge collated hog ring staples. Feature long handles to provide extra leverage and reach in confined spaces, and a foldable hog ring feed magazine for easy tool storage

Electrical ToolsView all

  • Knockout Hole Punches

    Suitable for making rivet or screw fastener holes along the edges of metal ductwork and vinyl window extrusions or hog ring holes for attaching signs or bumpers to chain link fences or equipment cages. Supplied with a pre-installed 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) punch and die, as well as a 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) punch and die assembly

Hand Tool KitsView all

  • General Hand Tool Kits

    HVAC starter kits designed for screw fastening, tie installation, vinyl sheet cutting and measuring purposes in refrigeration, servicing and roofing applications. Soft-sided tool bags offer secure storage and job-site portability. Available in 16 and 30 piece options

Hammers and Striking ToolsView all

  • Picks Riveting/Chipping Hammers

    Leather gripped setting hammers ideal for use with sheet metal in ductwork, flooring and maintenance & repair. Hardened & tempered construction for high impact strength, resiliency & long-term durability and fully polished, bevelled head for complete resistance against abrasive liquids

About Malco

Malco has been manufacturing a complete line of metal working tools for various HVAC professionals since 1950. The Malco HVAC Tools catalogue includes metal sheet cutting tools, screws, staples and brad nails, hole punches, cable tie tools, PEX tools, pliers, hammers, staplers and tackers. Used extensively for all crimping, bending, folding and metal seaming needs, these high-quality Malco metal tools are available in a wide range to choose from.