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  • Bottle Caps
  • Bottles and Jars

    Glass / plastic labware bottles and jars used for collecting, storing or transporting specimens and packaging liquids in chemical industries and laboratories. Dropper bottles in 30-, 60- and 120-ml variants also available

  • Carboys and Jerricans

    Heavy-duty containers made of polypropylene and low / high density polyethylene for use in laboratories to store up to 13.20 gallon solutions and chemicals. Carboy replacement spigots also available

  • Centrifuge Tubes and Accessories

    Graduated polypropylene tubes used in laboratories to separate fluids based on density. Available in 0.2 - 50 ml capacity variants, with operating temperatures ranging between -80 and 121 degrees C

  • Dishes and Petri Dishes
  • Flasks
  • Graduated Cylinders
  • Wash Bottles

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  • Bench Protectors and Liners

    Cellulose-coated papers used in chemical laboratories to quickly absorb liquid spill and protect benchtops from corrosive chemicals, stains, spills and wear

About Lab Safety Supply

Lab Safety Supply is a Grainger brand that manufactures an extensive line of laboratory products. The Lab Safety Supply catalogue includes a variety of safety, material handling, chemical storage and labware products, such as jars, carboys and jerricans, Petri dishes, flasks, centrifuge tubes, filter papers, graduated cylinders and pipettes. The company's Laboratory Instruments category includes laboratory microscopes, ultrasonic cleaners, laboratory ovens and furnaces, combustion analysers and pH meters. The Lab Safety Supply ultrasonic cleaner features a stainless-steel tank and uses a high-frequency sound to clean labware and laboratory tools.