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  • Boiler Controls

    Johnson Controls boiler controls like pressure controls are suitable for steam, water, air or non-combustible gases. They feature a self-opening / closing mechanism with the slightest change in pressure.

  • Building Automation Control Accessories

    Johnson Controls building automation control accessories, such as temperature sensors and relative humidity (RH) sensors, are used in indoor and outdoor environments. They are offered in flush, wall and strap mounting options.

  • Building Automation Controls

    Johnson Controls building automation controls include humidity sensors & transmitters, line-voltage thermostats, zone controllers and installation accessories, such as battery packs & antennas for detecting the real-time status of the environmental parameters in HVAC applications.

  • Damper and Valve Replacement Motors

    Johnson Controls damper and valve replacement motors are used to adjust the flow of air in HVAC systems. Direct-mount actuators detect On / Off, proportional and floating input signals over valves & dampers in semiconductor fabrications or machine tooling jobs.

  • Dual Pressure Controls

    Johnson Controls dual pressure controls use a single switch to control both high & low pressure. They provide high-pressure compressor protection along with low-pressure cycling or safety functions. Choose from a broad range of these dual pressure switches, available in SPDT, DPST and SPST switch types.

  • Duct Pressure Switches

    Johnson Controls duct pressure switches use differential air pressure to actuate electric switches at a pre-set actuation point. They are used to sense airflow in ducts. When used with electric strip heaters, they can open the circuit or de-energise the heaters as the airflow stops.

  • Fan and Limit Controls
  • Fan Speed Control
  • Furnace Control Boards
  • Globe Valves Less Actuator

    Johnson Controls globe valves less actuators regulate the flow of hot or cold water in small HVAC terminal units, like fans or reheat coils. They are offered in NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) configurations.

  • Head Pressure Controls

    Johnson Controls head pressure controls include condenser fan speed controls, pressure transducers and software suitable for condenser fans to configure fan speeds and head pressures.

  • Humidity Controls

    Johnson Controls humidity controls, such as humidistats & humidity stage modules, are used to reduce the excessive relative humidity in fruit storage rooms, curing rooms and electrically-heated spaces.

  • HVAC Control Ball Valves

    Johnson Controls HVAC control ball valves of FNPT, flanged, press-fit and sweat types are capable of automatically adjusting the flow of hot or chilled water according to signals received from the controller.

  • HVAC Relays
  • Line Voltage Thermostats

    Johnson Controls line voltage thermostats are used with electric space heaters, direct-wired electric furnaces or baseboard heaters to regulate the temperature of the HVAC systems that require direct electrical power. These Johnson Controls thermostats can control temperatures ranging from -40 to 550 degrees F.

  • Low Voltage Thermostats

    Designed for controlling multi-stage heating and cooling equipment, such as rooftop or self-contained units equipped with a humidifier and / or dehumidifier. Powered by a transformer which decreases the incoming line voltage from 120 V down to a level ranging between 12 and 24 V

  • Oil Protection Controls

    Provides dependable protection to pressure-lubricated refrigeration compressors against major breakdowns caused by low lubrication oil pressure. Features a built-in time delay switch with a universal mounting bracket

  • Pneumatic Control Accessories

    Includes actuator mounting kits, adapters, adapter plates, adapter bonnets, air caps, air cocks, air filter assemblies, air lines, anvil springs, aspirator wallbox kits, ball knobs, blocks, blower relief valves, bulb elements, butts and bypass valves

  • Pneumatic Controllers

    Designed to measure the temperature and pressure, as well as transmit a corrective air signal to the final control element. Operate using a coordination of thermal or pressure sensing system and an air signal relay system

  • Pneumatic Controls

    Manage the flow in HVAC systems by using air as a control medium to stop or change the flow direction. Dependable pneumatic damper actuators provide proportional control of the dampers in independent or sequence configuration. Essentially require no maintenance except for inspection and adjustment

  • Pneumatic Damper Actuators
  • Pneumatic Relays

    Precision relay devices designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators in applications requiring a stable, accurate control. Compensate for flow surges in the piping system and hold the valve at the position dictated by the controller. Allow easy valve sequencing from a single control signal

  • Sensing Probes
  • Thermostat Accessories

    Includes humidity sensors, modular electronic sequencers, Proportional Plus integral temperature stage modules, surface-mount duct humidity temperature sensors, surface mounting clips, temperature sensors, temperature sensor wells, mounting kits, temperature stage modules and transmitters

  • Thermostat Guards

    Used to protect thermostats and humidistats from damage, vandalism, tampering and unauthorized adjustment. 304 stainless-steel thermostat guards offer longevity and durability, even in humid or corrosive environments. Also, available in plastic, cast aluminum and wire construction variants

  • Zone Valve Accessories

    Control the flow of saturated steam, hot water and chilled water through coils and heat exchangers. Feature a 1-piece body design and permit pressure ratings up to 300 psig. No special linkage kit or commissioning required

  • Zone Valve Actuators

    Forged-brass actuators equipped with a chrome-plated brass stem to control a 2-port valve on a heating system. Offer two-way spring-closed (normally closed) or on / off control mechanism for handling both hot and chilled water. Provide easy removal and assembly during installation

  • Zone Valves

    Used to control the flow of water or steam in a hydronic heating or cooling system. Typically divided into zones to help increase the system efficiency. Suited for applications where a higher close-off is required. Available in 1, 2, 2.5, 3.5, 4, 5, 7.5, and 8 coefficient of volume options

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  • Motorized Dampers Accessories

    Johnson Controls motorized dampers accessories, such as actuator terminal blocks, actuator kits, anti-rotation brackets, ball joints, ball valve linkage kits & damper mount kits, are suitable for replacing worn-out parts or customising / enhancing motorized damper operation.

Electric Process Heaters and AccessoriesView all

  • Immersion Wells

    Johnson Controls immersion wells are used with remote-bulb temperature controls to sense temperatures in hot water heating systems. They are offered in brass and copper tube options.

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls offers a complete range of HVAC control products, including ball valves, thermostats, actuators and refrigeration controls.
Johnson Controls thermostats maintain, control and regulate temperatures through HVAC systems like Johnson Controls air conditioning equipment. Johnson Controls thermostats come in pneumatic, electro-mechanical and digital variants for accommodating various types of applications.
The pneumatic Johnson Controls thermostats signal a change in temperature to dampers or valve actuators by increasing / decreasing air pressure in the air-filled tubing. The electromechanical Johnson Controls thermostats like fan coil thermostats and line voltage thermostats feature mechanical temperature dials and fan selector switches for slowly heating or cooling the surrounding area to the desired temperature. These non-programmable Johnson Controls thermostats are manually controlled, so the temperature setting remains the same until readjusted by the user. The digital Johnson Controls thermostats feature LCD screens with push buttons or touch screens for a user-friendly interface to control temperatures in heating & cooling equipment. These Johnson Controls thermostats are programmable, allowing users to set separate temperature setpoints for different periods. Selected digital Johnson Controls thermostats provide humidity controls, password protection, multilingual display, configurable alerts & remote temperature sensing capabilities for user customisation and secure control from any location.
Choose from a wide range of Johnson Controls equipment & tools like flow switches, class 2 transformers, pressure gauges, boiler controls, zone valves and more.

Major Trade Names

YORK Digital Thermostats

York digital thermostats from Johnson Controls allow seamless connection to building automation systems or equipment via smartphones, tablets or computers. These York thermostat models can cut energy ...Read more 

FRICK Control Panels and Control Systems

Frick control panels and control systems from Johnson Controls are user-friendly control systems used in industrial refrigeration applications. Frick Quantum HD control systems & retrofit kits provide...Read more 

Johnson Controls Competitive Advantages

Metasys Building Automation System

Metasys building automation system connects commercial HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems to deliver the information users need on a single platform, allowing them to make efficient decisions while enhancing comfort, safety and productivity. This system uses equipment & tools like Johnson Controls thermostats / thermostat controllers and variable air volume modular assemblies (VMAs) to control & fix diverse parameters in commercial & industrial spaces from any location.

Digital solutions provided by Johnson Controls

IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market, declared Johnson Controls as the "Overall IoT Company of the Year" in 2020. The company was recognised for driving innovation and exemplifying the best IoT technology solutions in the market. Johnson Controls aims to use its breakthrough innovation in AI (artificial intelligence) and connected solutions to make commercial buildings, retail facilities and industrial spaces safer, smarter and more efficient. Some of the digital solutions provided by Johnson Controls to help customers improve operational efficiency, security and sustainability while digitally transforming their buildings are:

  • False Alarm Reduction Service: This easy-to-use tool protects the customer's assets and decreases downtime & operational costs while reducing false alarms.
  • Central Plant Optimization (CPO): This optimisation solution continuously monitors internal data from connected equipment & systems like Johnson Controls thermostats and external data like weather forecasts & utility rates. They automatically generate & implement optimisation decisions to decrease utility costs and increase available utility incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Johnson Controls located?

Johnson Controls has 3 regional headquarters for delivering its products globally:

  • Cork, Ireland
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Shanghai, China

How do I control my Johnson Controls thermostat?

  • Dial type Johnson Controls thermostats can be controlled easily by turning a dial indicating temperature levels and hot / cold toggle modes.
  • The digital display type Johnson Controls thermostats offer diverse options for customising temperature profiles according to the user or environment. Johnson Controls thermostats allow user-friendly touch control of temperature (warmer or colder) with automatic temperature & fan control modes for adjusting surrounding temperatures according to pre-set levels or weather information over the internet.

What does Occupied mean on a Johnson Controls thermostat?

Occupied settings of a Johnson Controls thermostat refers to pre-set temperature setpoints for both cooling & heating a space when users or operators are present in that space. Users can pre-define the occupied timings in Johnson Controls thermostats to heat / cool the area automatically. This setting allows Johnson Controls thermostats to save energy costs in unoccupied periods. Users can also override these settings for forcing a Johnson Controls thermostat in occupied operation into an unoccupied period and vice versa.

How do you set up an automatic Johnson Controls thermostat?

  • Connect the Johnson Controls thermostat to a Wi-Fi Access point after connecting to power.
  • Create a Skyport Account (if prompted) and follow the instructions to create an operating schedule.
  • Adjust desired mode, start time, stop time, fan settings and heat & cool setpoints for both occupied & unoccupied periods.
  • Choose, screensaver, date & time, wallpaper, display and diverse security setting options available in the Johnson Controls thermostat menu.
  • Create alerts for various parameters or when equipment requires servicing.
  • Refer to Johnson Controls thermostat manual while setting up these thermostats for quick troubleshooting of some commonly faced problems.