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Mobile Bin Carts

Mobile Bin Cart 48 x 24 With 4 Gray Bins
Item: AA6HTC
Model: KC1-2421-63C-03
€1,911.01 /unit
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Mobile Work Table Accessories

Organizer Bin For Use With ERGO-32-K2
Item: AE3DEX
Model: OB4-G
€212.44 /unit
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Mobile Work Tables

Mobile Work Table 20 W x 46 Inch Length
Item: AE3DEV
Model: VLT-2046-FF1
€748.53 /unit
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Rack Accessories

Security Carts

Mobile Security Cart 52 x 27 x 69
Item: AA7JTD
Model: SC2448-63CF
€1,475.43 /unit
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Wire Cart Accessories

Folding Work Surface
Item: AE3DET
Model: MC-SL20
€162.32 /unit
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Back Panel Enclosure Kit
Item: AE3DEU
Model: MC-BP48
€261.96 /unit
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Top/middle Basket Use With GR0073453
Item: AA7JTW
Model: DRR-TB36
€158.42 /unit
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Wire Carts

  • Linen Cart
  • Linen Cart
Item (2)
  • Wire Carts
  • Wire Carts
  • Wire Carts
Item (3)
Visual Cart Capacity 300 Lb 41 x 18 2 Shelves
Item: AA7JTX
Model: VSC-183C
€966.31 /unit
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  • Stock Cart
  • Stock Cart
Item (4)
Flat Shelf Supply Unit 24 Inch Width 48 Inch Length
Item: AA7JTG
Model: SS-2448-63LZF
€920.27 /unit
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Flat Shelf Wire Cart 24 Inch Width
Item: AA7JTH
Model: SS-2448-74LZF
€940.06 /unit

Wire Shelves

Standard Wire Shelf Steel 800 Lb.shelf Capacity
Item: AA7JTE
Model: 2448LZ
€146.25 /unit
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About Irsg

IRSG, a division of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Inc, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality inventory processing and transport systems. The company's extensive product line includes work tables, racks, hanger management systems, carts, wire shelvings and transporters. For backroom processing functions, like folding, hanging and signing tools, the brand's ERGO-50 & ERGO-28 Series mobile work tables feature sturdy, square steel-tube construction for rugged use and extended durability and a laminated wooden surface with drop leaves to expand the table surface as desired. They come equipped with 4 non-marring caster wheels for easy transportation and further allow the height to be adjusted by a one-inch increment within the range of 35 - 42 inches. The company also offers a varied range of wire carts including merchandise, stock and utility carts suitable for moving items within warehouses, retail stores and distribution centres. These steel wire carts feature 4 collapsible shelves capable of withstanding loads up to 1000 lb.