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  • Laboratory Storage

    Includes polypropylene tube racks with molded coordinates for correct tube orientation of conical, round or flat-bottom tubes & bottles. Features half & full rack sizes for different tube diameters & a stable design for use in water baths. Freezers, trays, utility carriers & clamps also available

  • Laboratory Storage and Transfer Containers

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  • Centrifuge Tubes and Accessories

    Includes 1.5 ml autoclavable centrifuge tubes made from polypropylene (100%). Feature frosted writing area and syringe pierceable cap and ideal for storing lab samples

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  • Cryogenic Supplies

    Includes mini coolers featuring polycarbonate construction and rubber non-slip feet to protect temperature-sensitive samples at the bench or in the freezer. Containers (for storing samples at up to -196 degrees C), cardboard dividers, ice pans, buckets and storage boxes also available

About Heathrow Scientific

Heathrow Scientific is a leading manufacturer of high-quality bench top equipment and lab essentials. The Heathrow Scientific catalog includes over 800 laboratory items, including dispensers, weighing boats and dishes, pipettes and centrifuge tubes. These products are suitable for sample collection, preparation, storage and analysis in research and clinical laboratories. The brand's single channel Pearl Pipettes are widely used as media dispensers to assist in transferring a predetermined or measured volume of liquid from one container to another. These autoclavable pipettes are manufactured in accordance with ISO08655 and GLP regulations, and feature a sleek design, easy volume adjustment with locking tabs, a 3-position volume display, an isolated volume locking ring, a separate tip ejector and a finger hook.

The company also offers highly durable microcentrifuge tubes designed to handle small volumes of liquid samples. These disposable and autoclavable tubes are made from ultra-clear polypropylene resin to provide a clear view of the contents. They can operate at temperatures up to 249 degrees Fahrenheit, and come with an attached flat cap for single-hand applications. Choose from a wide range of these tubes and other Heathrow Scientific products such as slide boxes, test tube racks and blood collection trays on Raptor Supplies.