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Since 1802, Georg Fischer has been manufacturing pipes, valves and fittings ideal for the chemical processing, plumbing, mining, marine & power generation industries. Read More



Material Handling


HVAC and Refrigeration

Plumbing Filter

Shut-Off ValvesView all

Flow Control ValvesView all

  • Butterfly Valves

    Polypropylene / PVC valves featuring a gear-operated / lever handle to control the fluid flow. Can fit pipe sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches and withstand temperatures up to 210 degrees F

  • Manual Diaphragm Valves

    Corrosion-free diaphragm valves featuring a lockable handle, a two-coloured indicator and a self-adjusting limit switch. Can fit pipe sizes ranging from 1/2 to 2 inches and withstand pressures up to 10 bar

  • Plumbing Needle Valves

Pressure and Temperature Control ValvesView all

  • Relief Valves
  • Vent Valves

    PVC and EPDM vent valves for use with containers or pipes that need to be aerated or vented. Can handle pressures and temperatures up to 240 psi and 140 degrees F, respectively. Can only be mounted vertically

Check Valves and Backflow PreventersView all

  • Check and Foot Valves

    EPDM and PVC / CPVC check valves designed for unidirectional fluid flow in water treatment or chemical processing industries. Can fit pipe sizes ranging from 1/2 to 2 inches and withstand temperatures up to 175 degrees F

About Georg Fischer

The Georg Fischer Valves catalogue includes a wide range of ball, butterfly, check & foot, vent and manual diaphragm valves. The brand's ball valves feature integrated stainless-steel mounting inserts and a CPVC stem with a built-in point above the seals to prevent leaks if the handle is broken off. These FDA-approved valves are used in the oil & gas industry. Georg Fischer EPDM check valves feature union bushing for maximum protection against accidental loosening of the profile seal and plastic buttress thread for stability & safety. They are ideal for applications requiring prevention against backflow of fluids into sump disposal lines, sewage lift stations and wastewater lines.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Georg Fischer's MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Apollo model numbers. So if you are looking for competitor items that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Georg Fischer valves available. Customers can also cross-reference most Georg Fischer plumbing valves using the last 5 digits of the model numbers.


These Georg Fischer valves handle water pressures ranging from 120 psi to 240 psi. They are small in size and require careful packaging as some products might get damaged while shipping. Hence, they are delivered by courier shipment and not air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Georg Fischer Competitive Advantages

Georg Fischer Aquasystems (PP-R and PP-RCT)

PP-R piping systems are lightweight systems having PP-R copolymer construction for corrosion-resistance and high mechanical strength in pressurised systems. PP-RCT systems are made of polypropylene random copolymer to ensure temperature resistance and modified crystallinity. These systems can withstand extreme operating pressures at high temperatures and provide chlorine-resistant performance. They are ideal for central heating systems, cold & hot water systems, industrial piping systems (transfer & discharge of chemicals), drinking water & treated water supply systems, solar collectors and air conditioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Georg Fischer founded?

Georg Fischer was founded in 1802 at Schaffhausen, Switzerland by Johann Conrad Fischer.

What is the standard method of welding using IR?

IR welding is a technique which utilises a non-contact heating method to melt and fuse thermoplastic parts together with the energy from infrared radiation.