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About Gerber Gear

Gerber has been offering high-quality cutting tools and gears for outdoor enthusiasts and uniformed professionals since 1939. The Gerber Tools catalogue incorporates different types of knives, sharpeners, shovels and multi-tools. The brand’s folding shovels feature a D-shaped, glass-filled nylon handle with rubber over-grip and boron-filled steel blades, making them ideal for sawing roots and digging trenches. Tool sharpeners by Gerber are designed for sharpening knife edges and serrations to keep them in working order. These lightweight tools feature retractable sharpening blades for edge retention and a pocket clip for travel convenience. Choose from a wide range of these Gerber products as well as multi-tools, commercial cutlery, rescue knives, axes, hatchets & splitting wedges on Raptor Supplies.