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Measuring and Layout ToolsView all

  • Dial Calipers

    Inch / Metric dial callipers of 0 - 6 inch measuring range; ideal for making inside, outside, depth and step measurements. Made of high-strength plastic or stainless-steel and feature easy-to-read dial with glare-free lens 

  • Digital Angle Finders
  • Digital Calipers

    Designed for measuring internal, external, depth, and step dimensions. The extra large, easy to read digital screen displays measurement in decimal and fractional inches and millimetres. Integrated with auto power off functionality to conserve battery power

  • Drafting Compasses

    For use with pencils to allow users to scribe and draw accurate circles or arcs; ideal for drafting and navigation applications. Integrated with spring tension adjustment to allow marking up to 8 inches diameter and scribe guides to offer precision edge marking.

  • Hole Drill Bore and Wire Gauges

    Conform to government specifications GG-G-86b to quickly and conveniently identify the sizes of fractional drill bits. Feature heat-treated, heavy gauge steel construction that is further machined and ground to close tolerances for ultimate precision. Come in a measuring range of 1/16 - 1/2 inch

  • Pin Vises

    Feature hardened steel collet with unique jaw capacity for use with varying tool sizes; allow small tools to be held in place. Selected models having hollow, nickel-plated body allows pin vise to be used with long rods or wire

  • Precision Measuring Tool Kits

    Comprises a #300/1 industrial precision 6 In flexible steel rule, #383NX telescoping magnetic pickup, #87 pocket automatic centre punch and #88 tungsten carbide point scriber. All tools are equipped with a pocket clip, allowing individual pocket storage

  • Protractors

    Designed for setting bevels and measuring and transferring angles. Feature 6 inch stainless steel pivoting protractor arm further integrated with a knurled locking nut that locks the tool into the desired position. Selected models come with a large, easy-to-read display

  • Rules and Straight Edges

    Used to maintain accurate measurements to ensure engineering and construction integrity; meet or exceed U.S. Government Specification GGG-R-791f for accuracy. Ultra-fine black graduations allow easy reading

  • Scribers and Probes

    Designed for marking and positioning metal and wood workpieces; Feature centreless ground steel point that reverses into knurled body to offer additional safety. Integrated with a hex cap that prevents the scriber from rolling

  • Trammels and Trammel Point Sets

    Designed for transferring measurements, scribing arcs and drawing large circles; used for accurately measuring and marking distances. Feature fine adjusting screws that enables fine pointing. Clamp opening fits 5/8 to 1-1/2 inches a beam

  • Vernier Calipers

    Feature fixed jaws paired with sliding jaws that moves along a graduated scale to make quick and accurate inside and outside diameter measurements. Come with extendable depth gauges for use in slots and small holes. Available in metric & imperial measurements

Inspection and Retrieving ToolsView all

  • Hooks and Picks

    Feature unique pigtail hook shape that enables easy and safe removal of cotter pins in confined work areas. Have compound bend design that allows extraction with a pull or twist motion. Integrated with a heavy-duty plastic screwdriver handle to provide comfortable grip

  • Inspection Mirrors

    Designed for automotive repairs and machinery maintenance work; Feature fully polished, shatter-resistant glass mirrors on 360 deg swivels, double ball joints to enable accurate positioning and infinite angle adjustments. Available in circular, rectangular, round & square shapes

  • Inspection Retrieving Tool Kits

    Inspect equipment and retrieve small objects from hard-to-reach places. Feature polished-glass mirror, attached to a handle by a ball and socket joint that enables angle adjustment. Integrated with a non-slip cushioned grip, offering maximum user comfort

  • Magnetic Pickups

    Feature metal detector style to retrieve steel & iron parts and all ferrous materials from hard-to-reach or hard-to-see work areas and a powerful, vinyl-coated magnet to provide no-stooping pickups. Available in lengths ranging from 5.5 to 40 inches

  • Retrieving Tools

    Feature push-on, white LED light bulbs for retrieving items from dark or hard-to-reach places and four-prong spring steel retrieval claws for easy access. Telescoping alligator clips also available in chrome-plated body with pocket clips

  • Tweezers

    Help users to pick up tiny parts, gems & fasteners that are too small for fingers to grasp easily. Available in sharp, curved, smooth, serrated blunt or bevelled point variants, allow tranfering sterile items from place to place. Selected models come with cushion grips for user comfort

Punches Chisels and Hand DrillsView all

Plumbing ToolsView all

  • Hand Reamer

    Create accurate size holes, enlarge countersink holes & remove burrs from cut pipes, tubing and conduits. Feature hardened, tempered tool steel blades for precision holes in sheet metals, plastics & other material. Available in fluted & T shape handle variants

  • Pipe and Tubing Cutters

    Allow users to cut through plastic tubing, used by electricians and plumbers. Feature eight-click ratcheting mechanism to offer maximum grip pressure on the pipes for smooth, clean-cuts. Available in overall lengths of 5 to 8.5 inches

  • Plumbing Specialty Tools

    Include heavy duty tube cutters and internal pipe wrench sets for plumbing installations, maintenance and repair projects. Tubing cutters featuring full-size, fold-out reamers with two cutting edges for deburring pipes and large fluted knobs for increased applied torque

  • Tubing Benders

    Feature durable, die-cast alloy construction for bending copper, brass, aluminium, thin-wall tubing & soft wires and rods in a range of 90 - 180 degrees in a single action. Integrated with extra-long handles to offer greater leverage

About General Tools & Instruments Llc

General Tools & Instruments LLC is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality hand tools, digital tools and instruments for various precision measuring, facility maintenance, plumbing, inspection and mechanical work. The General Tools catalogue meets ETL, FSC and SAE standards and includes over 1000 plumbing, woodworking, inspection, precision measuring and inspection tools used by tradesmen, craftsmen, DIYers and mechanics. The Measuring Tools category by General Tools comprises of calipers, micrometers, squares, protractors, gauges, thermometers, moisture-meters, psychrometers, measuring tapes and compasses. Calipers are used to make inside, outside, depth and step measurements in inches or millimeters. They are available in vernier, dial, digital and spring caliper variants with different measuring ranges and accuracies. General Tools thermometers are used to measure ambient and surface temperatures, and are available in contact and non-contact models with options in dial and digital readouts. Raptor Supplies offers a variety of these General Tools in different ranges and accuracies.