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Fire Fighting Clothing and AccessoriesView all

  • Fire Hoods

    Double layer fire hoods featuring full hemmed face opening and flat lock seams. Come in particulate blocking and classic knit variants with different material options

  • Turnout and Extrication Coveralls

    High-quality & lightweight fire-retardant workwear with a seamless collar for extra comfort and safety. Available in different sizes and colours

Head ProtectionView all

  • Fire and Rescue Helmets

    NFPA-certified helmets with a fibreglass compression-molded shell for superior flame and heat resistance. Feature a thermal impact cap and an adjustable headband, and are available in black, yellow, red and white colours

About Fire-dex

Fire-Dex is an NFPA-certified manufacturer of head-to-toe firefighting gear and apparel. The company's product line includes jackets, coats, pants, boots, helmets, coveralls and hoods. Fire-Dex helmets are made of a fibreglass compression-molded shell to offer efficient flame and heat resistance. They also feature a thermal impact cap, ratchet adjustment and an adjustable headband to fit various self-contained breathing apparatus. Fire-Dex gloves feature reinforced cowhide knuckle and palm guards to provide better thermal protection against conductive heat. The brand's fire safety equipment is also reinforced with polymer-coated aramid, which adds up a heat- and water-resistant layer. Fire-Dex fire boots, including insulated boots and shoe-fit firefighter boots, are made of flame-resistant full grain leather and have an insulation of either wool or polyester felt to guard against impact, heat and abrasion. Shop from a wide range of jackets, pants and coveralls and other fire safety equipment on Raptor Supplies.