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Since 1969, Dynabrade has been designing and manufacturing abrasive power tools, related accessories and dust collection systems for use in the automotive, aerospace, metalworking, woodworking and marine industries. The company is headquartered in Clarence, New York, USA. Read More



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  • Air Belt Sanders

    Ideal for blending inside corners, polishing tubing, finish-dimensioning on lathe work and deburring structural steel. Feature a maximum free speed of 25000 rpm and composite / rubber housing

  • Air Cut-Off Tools

    Widely used to efficiently remove rusty muffler tail pipes and cut through sheet metals, nuts and bolts. Feature an aluminium or cold-rolled steel guard, a front / rear / side exhaust and a maximum free speed of 20000 rpm

  • Air Disc Sanders

    Includes industrial- / light-duty air disc sanders suitable for grinding and smoothing hard surfaces such as metals, woods and plastics. Feature a rubber or composite handle and a maximum free speed rating of 25000 rpm

  • Air Drills

    High-performance in-line and pistol grip air drills suitable for automotive, basic maintenance and light production applications. Available in 0.4, 0.5 and 0.7 hp variants with a maximum free speed rating of 20000 rpm

  • Air Files

    Commonly used to remove machine marks and EDM scales, and for stoning die-cast molds. Feature a composite housing, a built-in air flow regulator and a safety-lock lever, and require an air pressure of 90 psi to operate

  • Air Finishing Sanders

    Use PSA-coated, non-woven nylon sheets and rolls, and have a maximum free speed rating of 20000 rpm. Available in different lengths and full load cfm ratings

  • Air Grinders

    Widely used for cutting and shaping metal workpieces, smoothing joints after welding, and stripping paints or primer. Air versatility and air finishing kits also available

  • Air Pencil Grinders

    Suitable for contour blending, precision deburring, smoothing and finishing on different surfaces, including alloys, metals, woods, glass, graphite and resins. Feature aluminium / steel housing with non-slip rubber grip for better control, and a maximum free speed rating of 100000 rpm

  • Air Polishers and Buffers

    Used to polish hard surfaces (such as metals, concrete and granite), workpieces or countertops to give a beautiful shine. Feature a maximum free speed rating of 12000 rpm and offered in different hose and pad sizes, and overall lengths

  • Air Routers
  • Air Sanders
  • Air Tool Accessories
  • Die Grinders
  • Engraving Pens
  • Swivel Connectors

About Dynabrade

Dynabrade manufactures OSHA- and ANSI-compliant abrasive power tools for applications in aerospace, defence, welding and woodworking industries. The Dynabrade Products catalogue includes grinders, cutters, sanders, drills, connectors, polishers, buffers, couplings and engravers. The industrial- / light-duty, high-speed air disc sanders are designed to assist in grinding and smoothing metallic, wooden or plastic surfaces. These Dynabrade sanders feature composite or rubber housing, free speed rpm ratings up to 25000, a front / side / rear / rotational exhaust, a locking-type pad, and a powerful motor.

The company also offers Type 27 air-powered angle grinders suitable for right angle grinding as well as deburring, cutting, chamfering and sanding. They feature an aluminium handle with rubber grip, a safety lock, a 1.3 hp motor and a maximum rpm rating of 12000; and require air pressure of 90 psi. Choose from a wide range of these Dynabrade grinders and other products, such as downdraft tables, disc backup pads and air routers, on Raptor Supplies.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Dynabrade MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll-Rand and Speedaire model numbers for sanders, grinders, air polishers & buffers. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Dynabrade products available.


These Dynabrade products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Dynaprep Non-Woven Abrasive Belts

These belts are designed for use with power tools, like grinders & sanders, in applications like blending, cleaning, deburring and finishing. They are made of a non-woven material coated with abrasive...Read more 

Dynorbital Silver Supreme Sanders

These air-powered orbital sanders are used for precise sanding applications in industrial applications like metalworking, woodworking and composite fabrication. They are equipped with a high-performan...Read more 

Dynascaler Surface Preparation Tool

It uses DynaPeen bonded shot flap assemblies designed to remove dust, oxide, scale and tough coatings from various surfaces. It operates at high speeds helping quick removal of surface coatings. It re...Read more 

Dynabrade Competitive Advantages

NitroFile Abrasive Belt Tool With Contact Arm

This multi-purpose tool is designed for grinding sharp metal edges, rusted bolts or welds, as well as scuffing, blending and contouring applications. It includes a versatile contact arm that holds the abrasive belt and guides it over the workpiece. Its lightweight design allows easy portability and a 360-degree pivoting head for securing the most effective position during the application. The unit includes a belt guard for quick abrasive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Dynorbital Silver Supreme sander work?

  • The Dynorbital Silver Supreme sanders are powered by compressed air supplied by an air compressor.
  • The sanding disc is attached to an offset spindle, causing it to rotate in a random orbital pattern. This type of motion helps to prevent swirl marks and produce a consistent finish.

What is a dust collection?

The sander is equipped with a dust collection system to help capture dust and debris generated during the sanding process. This also helps to improve visibility and reduce cleanup time.

What is the purpose of downdraft tables?

Downdraft tables by Dynabrade help pull dust and other airborne particles down and away from the operators breathing zone and the work surface, providing a cleaner and healthier environment. They are commonly used in applications like welding, grinding, sanding, polishing and cutting.