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Shelving and Storage RacksView all

  • Bulk Storage Racks

    Designed to offer organised HAZMAT storage solutions in industrial warehouses, facilities and workshops. Feature rigid, high-density polyethylene panels for handling loads up to 5280 lb and providing chemical resistance. Available in 27, 51 and 75 inch height variants

  • Rack Accessories

    Containment and solid panel trays used to keep materials separated and prevent damage to items stored on the lower shelves or in adjacent compartments

  • Shelving Accessories

    Comprises 24 and 36 inch deep solid top shelves designed to be used as replacement units for damaged shelf tops

Storage Bins and ContainersView all

  • Bin And Box Accessories

    Dunnage-Cube recycled-plastic storage blocks designed to be stacked and connected in various configurations to fill tight or odd-shaped spaces. Equipped with a unique surface locking system for preventing block distortions

About Dura-shelf

DuraShelf, a product line of SPC Industrial, is a leading provider of industrial-grade plastic shelving systems. Its product line includes bulk storage racks, containment trays, solid panels, top shelves and dunnage cubes. The chemical-resistant flat / solid top storage racks form DuraShelf can easily handle loads up to 5280 lb and are an ideal solution for HAZMAT storage. These storage racks are made from HDPE and contain up to four shelves, each having a maximum load capacity of 1320 lb. The brand also offers a wide range of molded HDPE containment trays suitable for general storage and for use with flammables, reactives (or oxidisers) and toxic materials.