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  • Beam and Steel Anchors

    Includes beam anchors, trollies, anchor cables, arm straps & sliding beam anchors designed for fastening and secure holding of objects. Selected anchor cables feature name tags for easy identification and have stainless steel construction

  • Body Belts

    Body & harness belts to provide operator comfort and hold safely while climbing poles. Polyester / leather belts featuring added padding for providing hip comfort while raising the center of gravity upwards

  • Carabiners

    Available in stainless steel & zinc-coated alloy steel. Offer load withstanding capacity of 420 lb (OSHA compliant rating). Feature a pear shaped design with self closing / triple locking mechanism for added safety

  • Concrete Anchors

    Includes concrete anchors, concrete anchor straps and D-ring anchors designed to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete surfaces. D-ring anchors can be installed into 11/16 inch, 18 mm or 3/4 inch concrete holes in horizontal or vertical orientation. Come with 5 additional bolts

  • Fall Arrest Post Davit Arms

    Used for protecting operators from accidentally falling over from heights. Confined space 4-in-1 davit rail guard and protection systems featuring built-in pulley system with fall arrest mechanism

  • Fall Arrest Posts and Extensions

    Portable fall arrest posts for 3M DBI-SAL davit arms providing 360 degree protection for up to 3 workers. Feature telescopic design with built-in levelling system and anchor ring for horizontal lifeline system. Post extensions for protecting additional workers

  • Fall Protection Kits

    Offer complete roof fall protection and are used with heavy-duty anchors capable of withstanding loads up to 310 lb. Comfortable & lightweight Delta harness with pass-thru buckle legs. Available in 1 and 2 ft lengths

  • Fall Rescue Accessories

    Includes mounting plates, rescue lanyards, rescue poles, rescue wristlets and tube expander kits for confined space rescue operations. Nylon webbing made rescue wristlets attach to the victim's wrist for narrow extractions. Feature integral O-ring extraction points for winches / SRL

  • Fall Rescue Devices

    Includes rescue ladders, descent devices, rescue systems, workseats (with board & tongue buckles) and belts & pads. Rollgliss Series descent devices offering smooth & gradual descent during emergency extraction and rescue operations

  • Guardrails

    Steel guardrails for preventing unauthorised access and protecting goods from accidental damage. Free-standing guardrail systems in compact and lightweight design not requiring any tools for installation on a surface

  • Harness Accessories
  • Harnesses
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lifelines
  • Lifeline Accessories
  • Netting Systems
  • Positioning and Restraint Lanyards
  • Roofing Anchors
  • Rope Grabs
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines
  • Shock-Absorbing Lanyards
  • Specialty Anchors
  • Vacuum Anchors

About Dbi-sala

DBI-SALA, a 3M brand, is a leading manufacturer of fall protection and rescue products for applications in construction, oil & gas and transportation industries. The 3M DBI-SALA fall protection equipment range includes body belts, anchors, confined space hoist frames, fall protection kits, carabiners and guardrails. DBI-SALA ExoFit harnesses are designed to provide fall protection in construction sites and during electrical line maintenance services. These full-body harnesses feature shoulder pads to distribute the weight equally and belt loops with quick-connect buckles to provide a tight fit. Selected models are further equipped with pockets and pouches for handy storage of additional tools.