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  • Air Hose/Electrical Cord Combination Reels

    Reels that store and manage hoses in a neat and organised manner. Can be mounted on ceilings, floors, walls and vehicles. Use a spring mechanism to retract the hose and have powder coating to avoid rusting.

  • Cable Reels

    Static discharge cables designed for discharging the accumulated static charge to the ground while manufacturing electrical or semiconductor devices. Feature an insulated galvanised steel wire for maximum conductivity. Variants available in 50, 100 and 200 feet length configurations

  • Hose Reel Accessories
  • Hose Reel Mounting Brackets

    Designed for horizontally and vertically mounting hose reels on concrete or wooden surfaces. Variants available in slide-mount, wall-mount swing and horizontal-swivel mount configurations

  • Motor Driven and Hand Crank Hose Reels

    Hand-crank hose reels equipped with a dual-wheel facility for ensuring maximum job site portability. Ideal for compressed air / electric power supply applications where long hose length is required

  • Spring Return Hose Reels

    Equipped with lubricated bearings to reduce the frictional losses and a heavy-gauge steel base for high stability in washdown and chemical fluid transfer services. Available in 25, 35 and 50 feet hose lengths

About Coxreels

The company's product line comprises cable, spring-driven, EZ coil, hand crank, motorised reels and vacuum hose reels. Coxreels EZ coil hose reels come with a removable cartridge-style motor for stability and also have a full-flow 90 degrees NPT swivel for eliminating kinking and compression of pneumatic pipe-lines. These units feature a multi-position guide arm for easily adjusting the hose on walls, floors, ceilings, vehicles & overhead positions.

Major Trade Names

Alumi-Pro Series // Spring Driven Specialty Reels

These aluminium professional-grade spring driven hose reels are constructed of superior quality aluminium, making them lightweight and non-corrosive. These hose reels feature rolled edges & ribbed dis...Read more 

Supreme Duty Hose Reels T Series

These Truck Mount spring driven hose reels are ideal for heavy-duty use in spring-driven applications. They feature gigantic chassis with double pedestal-style arms and have Coxreels' SuperHub that of...Read more 

Coxreels Competitive Advantages

Coxreels Patented Rewind Safety System

The EZ-Coil model comes with Coxreels' exclusive rewind safety system that retracts up to 80% slower than conventional spring driven reels. This reel decreases workplace accidents and improves user safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Coxreels made?

Coxreels hoses are manufactured in the USA and the brand leads the industry through technology, performance and innovation.

What are welding cable reels?

Welding cable reels are used to secure and improve the life of welding cable by neatly and easily storing it on a 25, 35 or 50-foot self-retracting welding cable reel.

Can Coxreels hand crank hose reels be mounted on a wall?

Coxreels hand crank hose reels can be mounted on walls using suitable brackets & hardware. Users should make sure that the surface is strong & stable and reels are mounted using the slots & holes on the unit's mounting base.

Are Coxreels hand crank hose reels suitable for heavy-duty use?

High-quality steel construction of selected Coxreels hose reels ensures superior strength & durability even in heavy-duty applications in commercial & industrial operations.

What are the benefits of using a Coxreels hand crank hose reel?

  • Provide an effective way to transfer fluids, cables & pneumatic power.
  • Prevent tripping hazards by winding up unused hoses.
  • Offer portability and versatility.
  • Good for storage and organising the hoses.
  • Prevent tangling up of hoses.
  • Saves time & effort by users.

How to choose the right Coxreels hose / cable reel?

  • Choose a reel that can accommodate the full length & diameter of the cable, cord or hose with some extra space for winding and storage.
  • Consider the specific application where the reel would be used. Choose the reel construction accordingly.