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Chain and Cable Hooks

Alloy-steel hooks used to easily grab and pull / lift loads by means of either a hoist or a crane. Separate slip hooks also available - with or without latches, ideal for applications requiring a chain or cable to pass through the opening without bending

Slip Hook

Slip Hook

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Self Locking Lifting Hook Alloy Steel
Item: AF4GUX
Model: 5648695
€301.70 /unit
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About Cooper Atkins

With over 135 years of experience, Cooper Atkins has been offering a complete line of testing & monitoring solutions for healthcare, foodservice and research & development. The brand's extensive catalogue comprises thermometers, data loggers, panel meters, thermocouples, thermistors, timers and probes. Cooper Atkins digital pocket thermometers are designed for checking the water temperature in commercial dishwaters. These NSF-certified thermometers are programmable for providing visual alarm once the set temperature is reached and have an IPX7 rated design for complete protection against high-pressure water & high-temperature sprays. Cooper Atkins analogue hygrometers are suitable for humidity & temperature monitoring in food processing facilities. These oversized meters feature easy-to-read markings with a large black pointer for easy viewing from a distance and a clear plastic lens for damage protection from accidental blows. Choose from a wide range of the aforementioned products, along with various thermometer accessories on Raptor Supplies.