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M30L/240HTR 110F-ICM-30L/277 110FCM-40L/208 110FCM-40L/240 110FCM-30L/240 110FR-63L/240SR-20L/240 HTR-IR-48L/208R-48L/240R-58L/208R-58L/240R-75L/240



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About Chronomite Labs

Chronomite Laboratories Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of water heaters used for heating applications in construction, pharmaceutical, power and agriculture industries. The Chronomite Laboratories catalogue features electric tankless, plumbed emergency eyewash and shower water heaters.The brand's electric tankless water heaters are installed at the point of use for heating water (up to 120 degrees F) only when required, to reduce the wastage of energy due to constant reheating. These UL-listed water heaters have a unique element design to create a self-cleaning feature to eliminate alkali calcification build-up. The company also offers emergency eyewash heaters that are used to provide tepid water for emergency eye / face wash stations with 3.0 gpm flow at 84 degrees F. They feature a digital microprocessor used for temperature control that can be preset to prevent scalding, without the use of mixing valves. Choose from a wide range of these products from Raptor Supplies.