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  • Belt Drive Motors

    Used for driving a pulley or belt to run HVAC equipment like air coolers, roof ventilators, belt-drive fans and air circulators. Capable of delivering speeds ranging from 1101 to 3600 rpm at a maximum voltage of 460 V. Available in both 1- and 3-phase configurations

  • Condenser Fan Motors

    Suitable for replacing damaged or worn-out condenser fan motors to extend the life of the air-conditioning equipment. Deliver speeds up to 1625 rpm at a maximum output of 2 hp. Available in 3-phase, permanent split capacitor and shaded pole design options

  • Direct Drive Blower Motors

    Ideal for driving the fan blades or blower wheels in HVAC equipment. Produce less vibration and noise as compared to belt-drive motors. Deliver speeds up to 1725 rpm while operating at a maximum voltage rating of 460 V

  • Evaporative Cooler Motors
  • OEM Replacement Motors

    Suitable for replacing worn-out & damaged HVAC motors in equipment like fans, blowers and ventilators. Provide easy installation and a consistent performance with a maximum rotational speed of 3450 rpm. Offered in shaft diameters of 1/2 and 5/8 inches

  • Oil Burner Motors

    Best-suited to drive the fan in oil burner systems, large water heaters, furnaces and boilers. Feature an open drip proof / totally enclosed non ventilated enclosure to prevent motor heating. Available in 1/7, 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 hp variants

  • Room Air Conditioner Motors

    Supply power to window- or wall-mount air conditioners, fan coil units, evaporative coolers, shaft-mounted blowers & fans. Deliver maximum efficiency when used for cooling indoor areas. Available in shaft diameters of 3/8, 5/8 and 1/2 inches

  • Unit Heater Motors

    Used with shaft-mounted fans and blower equipment to withstand dirty, dusty and noncombustible environments. Deliver speeds ranging between 1001 and 1600 rpm while operating at a maximum voltage rating of 230 V. Offered in 42Y & 48Y frame options

  • Water Circulator Motors

    Suitable for powering unit heaters, air conditioners and direct-drive furnace blowers. Equipped with ball / sleeve bearings to prevent lubricant leakage and can be operated at a maximum ambient temperature of 70 degrees C

Pump MotorsView all

  • Jet Pump Motors
  • Pool and Spa Pump Motors
  • Square Flange Pool Pump Motors

    Designed to move an impeller in a pump assembly to transfer water and other liquids. Ideal for use in car washes where frequent washdowns occur. Capable of deliverig higher efficiencies, with a high starting torque, as compared to single-phase models of the same HP, rpm and frame size

Motor SuppliesView all

  • Capacitors
  • Motor Accessories

    Wide range of motor mounting latches used for fastening 48 - 56 frame motors to cradle. 2 pieces of latches required for a single motor assembly. Can also be used with 2-1/2 in (O.D.) resilient mounting rings

  • Motor Mounting Rings

    Resilient-mount rubber rings used to decrease the vibrational loads in motors. Feature deep-drawn endshields equipped with a split inner ring for facilitating engagement with the outer surface of the bearings

Definite Purpose AC MotorsView all

  • Air Compressor Motors
  • Farm Duty Motors

    Agricultural fan motors featuring a high starting torque to start equipment under heavy loads. Provide dependable service during dirty and rough services, such as crop drying and running poultry equipment, manure pumps, augers or conveyors

General Purpose AC MotorsView all

  • AC Motors

    Capable of delivering a higher torque and superior efficiency than single-phase models of the same HP, rpm and frame size. Equipped with three windings which create a naturally rotating magnetic field within the frame of the motor

About Century

Century motors (a Regal Beloit brand) is a leading manufacturer of direct drive blower motors, pool and spa pump motors, condenser fan motors, close-coupled pump motors and cooler motors. Their range of condenser fan motors is available in different body diameter, bolt circle diameter, enclosure type and bearing options. Century electric motor's product line is used across manufacturing, hospitality, water purification and generation applications